What is Insurance?

Insurance is a legal contract between two parties i.e. the insured and the insurance company; it is also known as insurance coverage or insurance policy which can be purchased from an insurance company in exchange of premium. The insurance company provides financial protection against the losses incurred by the policyholder. Under an insurance policy, the […]

Best Health Insurance Companies & Their Best Plans

Health insurance is a type of insurance that covers the cost of medical care and hospitalisation-related expenses. Insurer companies offer diverse types of health insurance plans that are suitable for individuals, families, senior citizens, groups etc. In India, health insurance plans are offered by over two dozen health insurance companies, both government-run and private. With such a […]

The Problems with Health Insurance

Irrespective of your economic background, health insurance should be an essential part of financial planning and security. Choosing the right health insurance is an important decision, as it can have a significant impact on one’s financial stability and access to quality healthcare. Despite the long list of advantages that come with a health plan, there are some […]

Which Health Insurance Covers Cancer?

‘Cancer’, the word itself, arouses fear and anxiety. It is one of India’s leading causes of death, and its incidence is increasing rapidly. Did you know, every year, more than 1 million Indians are diagnosed with some form of cancer? Due to the lack of awareness and the costly healthcare and diagnosis facilities, many of […]

International Insurance: Navigating Global Risks with Comprehensive Coverage

In an increasingly interconnected world, where businesses expand across borders and individuals travel for both leisure and work, the importance of international insurance cannot be overstated. International insurance serves as a safeguard against the myriad risks that come with globalization, offering a safety net that extends beyond national borders. This article delves into the intricacies […]