With Cloud chilling technology, this machine can reduce temperatures by up to 12 degrees at no additional electricity cost.

Orient Cloud 3 fans: India’s first Clout cooling fan has been released by Orient. It costs Rs 15,999. It is, however, more reasonably priced on Amazon. Cloudchill technology is a feature of this fan. It lowers the room’s temperature by 12 degrees Celsius.

It can hold upto 4-5l water and can last up to 8 hours

In addition to providing cool air, Orient Cloud 3 was also created with an eye towards Indian architecture. It complements the interior design of the homes nicely. In this fan, where the clouds emerge, some panels have been added. It has a water tank that holds 4–5 liters of water and can last up to 8 hours. You won’t get moisture on your hand if you keep your hand in front of the clouds that come out of these.

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What is cloud chilling technology?

It has an internal cloud chamber where water is transformed into clouds, which immediately cool the air. This air is moved around the room with the assistance of the fan blades. Speaking of additional features, it includes silent operation. This means that this fan won’t make any noise. The remote control is included. Additionally, a breeze mode has been included, which further cools the space.

Orient Cloud 3 fan: Availability in India

It was first released in black and white. It will only be temporarily made available on Amazon. Then, it will be made available at a few particular retail locations.

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