Who is Upstox Owner Now? Upstox Net Worth in 2022?

Let us know Who is Upstox Owner Now and Founder Of Upstox Company? Nowadays people look for new ways to earn money, but they hardly get the right and beneficial idea, but now people are earning a lot of money by investing money in the share market because there are a lot of opportunities to get benefit from it. That’s why many people are earning a lot of profit by buying shares in big companies.

Upstox Owner Now

If we talk about Upstox, then it is a very used company in India, through which people buy shares of different companies and sell them when they get the opportunity. If a person wants to invest in this, then for this he should have a Upstox Demet Account because this account is needed to keep the purchased shares and stocks and to make payments or take back payments in his account.


Who is Upstox Owner Now?

Upstox Owner Now

Upstox is owned by Ravi Kumar (Co-founder & CEO), Kavitha Subramanian (Co-founder), and Shrini Viswanath (Co-founder). He started Upstox in 2009. Upstox is also known as RKSV.

The company was started in a small apartment in Delhi to help a small group of customers. So that they can invest in the share market. Upstox is funded by leading investors like Mr. Ratan Tata, Tiger Global Management, and Kalaari Capital. Today it has become the biggest stockbroking company in the country.

What is Upstox App/Company?

Upstox is an online trading platform. Upstox was started in 2006. Its headquarters is in Mumbai.

Upstox App has got a rating of 4.5 in the Google Play Store. Upstox App is India’s best Online Trading Application which has got more than one lakh Demat Account Open in 1 month. With Upstox Aap you can buy and sell shares of any company. With Upstox App, you can easily invest in Mutual Funds, Stock markets, IPO, etc.

Upstox Belongs to Which Country?

It is a brokerage and Demat account opening company in India. Upstox was started in 2006. Its headquarters is in Mumbai.

Who is the CEO Of Upstox Company?

CEO Of Upstox Company
CEO Of Upstox Company

Upstox is currently led by Ravi Kumar (Co-founder & CEO), Kavitha Subramanian (Co-founder), and Shrini Viswanath (Co-founder).

Upstox Net Worth in 2022?

Now Upstox’s current net worth in 2022 is $3.4 billion.

Is Upstox Safe?

This is a very unique question, everyone wants to know whether it is safe or not, otherwise, let me tell you, it has more than 10 million users on the play store, out of which more than 2 lakh people have rated, so this is an app with a rating of 4.4. This creates a trust build.

The most trusted thing is that Ratan Tata and Tiger Global, who are included in the list of India’s rich, have invested in this platform, this clearly shows that this is a very trusted application, so you can also use it with confidence.


Is Upstox Owned by Tata?

Mr. Ratan Tata held a 1.33% stake in the company As of Jan 2020.

Is Upstox a Chinese Company?

No, it is fully an Indian Company and its headquarters is in Mumbai.

Upstox Company Success Story – Youtube?

Credit/Source: Startupadda Channel

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