who is the owner and Founder of ed tech platform Unacademy.

Friends, Whenever we will thinks about online learning Then Unacademy or Byjus platforms will appears in our mind. but Friends do you know who is the owner of Unacademy. according to the article published at the Yourstory.com Unacademy has hit 800K Subscriptions. but it is the real Fact Most of there students or Subscribers doesn’t know the owner name, if you have come From that list then don’t worry Here you will get to know everything about the Unacademy platforms.

As we know, today is the era of online. Everyone does work online. From train booking to online LPG booking, everything has become digital. In such a situation, essential study has also become digital today. Today every child studies online while sitting at home during the Covid period. Reading online has many benefits, as all doubts are cleared while sitting at your home. Online studies can be done anytime and anywhere.

Unacademy Founder Name.Roman Saini, Gaurav Munjal, Himesh Singh.
Unacademy Founded In .2015 (7 year back)
Unacademy Market Value .USD $3.44
Unacademy Official website.https://unacademy.com/

What is Unacademy Platforms?

Unacademy is an online platform working in the field of learning and education, it is India’s largest online learning platform. In this, various types of Free and Paid Courses are provided by experienced and capable Educators.

This is India’s largest education platform, through which you can prepare for the exam sitting at home, or if you are a knower of any subject, then you can also teach as a teacher on Unacademy.

Who is the Owner of Unacademy?

Unacademy is owned by Roman Saini, Gaurav Munjal, and Hemesh Singh, who started this company in Bangalore in 2015.

Through this, one can study online by joining Unacademy. If we talk about the CEO, Gaurav Munjal is the CEO and Co-founder of Unacademy. Unacademy was started in 2010 with a YouTube channel. Gaurav Munjal created this channel. Later in 2015, Gaurav Munjal, Roman Saini, and Hemesh Singh became its founders.

Who is the CEO of Unacademy?

The CEO of Unacademy is Gaurav Munjal.

When did Unacademy Start?

Gaurav Munjal started Unacademy as a YouTube channel in 2010. In 2015 Unacademy was officially registered as an education company in Bangalore.

Unacademy Brand Ambassador?

Unacademy has signed former Indian cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni as a brand ambassador.

Unacademy Company Belongs To Which Country?

Unacademy is an Indian online education technology company based in Bangalore. Gaurav Munjal created it as a YouTube channel in 2010. As a company, it was established in 2015 by Gaurav Munjal, Roman Saini, and Hemesh Singh as company headquartered in Bangalore.

Unacademy has a network of 18,000 teachers and provides preparation material for many professional and educational entrance exams. All of Unacademy’s live classes take place on YouTube. Unacademy, an education technology company, is running its online tutoring classes all over India today.

Unacademy’s Achievement?

Unacademy’s 27-year-old Gaurav Munjal, 26-year-old Roman Saini, and 25-year-old Himesh Singh have found a place in Forbes India’s Under 30 list for 2018. Apart from this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called startups from across the country, and Gaurav and Roman were also one of them.

Unacademy is the Partner of IPL?

At present, the valuation of Unacademy is $3.44 billion. Companies like Unacademy WiFi, Prep Ladder, Code Chef, and Mastery have been acquired. Apart from this, this Unacademy is also an official partner of IPL.

Unacademy Acquired Companies?

Unacademy subsidearies CompaniesAmount
Handa Ka Fundaundisclosed
Tap Chief$13.8M

History of Unacademy Company?

Gaurav Munjal started Unacademy as a YouTube channel in 2010. In 2015 Unacademy was officially registered as an education company in Bangalore.

Known Unacademy Subscription (formerly known as Unacademy Plus) is a paid learning service provided by Unacademy. The company currently provides preparation study material for students aspiring for civil services, bank jobs, and other competitive exams.

A privately held company, Unacademy has received funding through a series of large promotional campaigns, including investments from American private equity firm General Atlantic, social networking Facebook, Nexus Ventures, Blum Ventures, and Flipkart CEO Kalyan Krishnamurthy. As of July 2020, Unacademy was estimated at US$ 1.45 billion.

In 2018, Unacademy acquired Wifistudy for $10 million. Wifistudy is YouTube-based online exam preparation and learning platform founded in 2013 by Dinesh Godara.

Vifistudy focuses on preparing for competitive public sector exams like SSC, Banking, Railway, and State Police. Unacademy acquired Mumbai-based online competitive programming platform CodeChef in June 2020. Unacademy acquired Gurugram-based NEET PG On-line Coaching Preplder in July 2020 for $50 million.

Unacademy acquired a major stake in Masterr, the K12 learning platform, by investing $5 million on July 12, 2020. Unacademy acquired UPSC test prep platform Kaurasvi in ​​Sept 2020.

 Unacademy Realated FAQs

Unacademy Net Worth 2022?

At Present the total Net Worth of Unacademy Company is 2 Billion $ in 2022.

Is Unacademy a Chinese Company?

No, Unacademy is an Indian online education technology company based in Bangalore. It was originally created by Gaurav Munjal as a YouTube channel in 2010.

Unacademy Business Model – Case Study Youtube?

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