Who is Physics Wallah Founder? Physics Wallah Owner Now?

Who is the Physics Wallah Founder and Physics Wallah Net Worth 2022? Friends say that you just keep doing your Karma, and you will definitely get its fruits. This is what happened with Physics Wallah.

The journey of Physics Wallah started on a board and YouTube has turned into a business of thousands of crores today. And it is progressing very fast. That’s why today we are going to tell you who is the owner of Physics Wallah, who is behind it, and who has made such a big company today. Let’s go

Who is Physics Wallah Founder and Owner Now?

Who is Physics Wallah Founder and Owner Now
Physics Wallah Owner Now

Alakh Pandey is the owner of Physics Wallah. Which was started in 2016-2017 with a YouTube channel.

Now Alakh has become very popular on YouTube with around 9+ million subscribers. In addition to JEE Mains, JEE Advanced, Engineering, NEET, and medical entrance exams preparation is done on the Physics Wallah Alakh Pandey YouTube channel.

At present, lakhs of students in the country and the world want to study Physics from him. Fans of his coaching are not only in India but also in Bangladesh, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Dubai.

Who is the CEO of Physics Wallah?

CEO of Physics Wallah
CEO of Physics Wallah

Alakh Pandey is the CEO of Physics Wallah.

PhysicsWallah has 1,900 employees. It also includes 500 teachers and 90-100 tech professionals. 200 Assistant Professors are also associated with the company. Also, there are 200 such experts who prepare exam questions and term papers.

Alakh Pandey’s PhysicsWallah has become the country’s 101st unicorn in June 2022. This means that the valuation of the company has exceeded $1 billion. Only such companies join the club of unicorns.

What is Physics Wallah App?

Physics Wallah is a physics blog and YouTube channel that has been around for about 5-6 years. It was started by Alakh Pandey, who has been teaching at the university level.

Physics Wallah is a platform that offers high-quality physics lessons for students and professionals. Physics Wallah is an online education startup that provides high-quality physics lessons to students and professionals. It aims to make learning physics easier for everyone by providing quality content through its videos, interactive exercises, and quizzes.

Physics Wallah Net Worth 2022?

Alakh Pandey is the owner and CEO of Physics Wallah, the country’s 101st unicorn startup, which has a net worth of around $1.1 billion.

Unicorn Physics Wallah?

Friends, in today’s time a YouTube channel Physics Wallah has become a brand and today it has become the 101st unicorn company in the country. Westbridge and GSV Ventures have invested Rs 7.77 billion in Medical and Engineering preparation ‘Physics wallah’.

Alakh Pandey has often said that through PhysicsWallah, a rickshaw walla or a newspaper vendor or even a washerman can dream of educating his child to become a doctor. Alakh Pandey had said that he would always oppose any investor investing money in his company as it would increase the tuition fees.

About Alakh Pandey?

Alakh Pandey was born on 2 October 1991 in Prayagraj. He started preparing for engineering entrance after passing 12th from Bishop Johnson School and College, in the year 2015 he started studying B.Tech at High Court Butler Technology Institute (HBTI) Kanpur.

Due to the poor financial condition of the house, he started teaching coaching classes and tuition while studying in 8th standard. There was a time when father Satish Pandey had to sell the house for the education of his son Alakh and daughter Aditi. Alakh enrolled in B.Tech in Engineering College, Kanpur, but left his studies midway. After this, he started to make his mark in the coaching classes themselves. The first fee for teaching Physics was Rs 5000.

In the year 2014, Alakh left engineering studies in the third year. After this, he came back to his native district Prayagraj and joined coaching centers. After working for a few days in a coaching center, he went to another institute, where he came up with an idea and made a fresh start. In the year 2016, Alakh started a YouTube channel.

Physics Wallah YouTube Channel

In the first year, this channel got four thousand subscribers. After this, his popularity kept on increasing and today there are more than 90+ lakh subscribers on this channel. According to media reports, 6 lakh people use his app every day. The Physics wallah YouTube channel was started by Alakh as a free platform. As their popularity grew, he launched his own app. The beginning was quite challenging.


Is Alakh Sir IITian?

No, Alakh Pandey has not studied at IIT. He started his B.Tech at High Court Butler Technology Institute (HBTI) Kanpur and dropped out in the third year.

Is Alakh Pandey a Millionaire?

The net worth of 30-year-old Alakh Pandey is said to stand at $7.23 million.

Physics Wallah Success Story – Youtube?

Credit/Source: TheSutraas Channel

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