What is Physics Wallah App? Physics Wallah is a physics blog and YouTube channel that has been around for about 5-6 years. It was started by Alakh Pandey,

Who is the Founder/Owner of Physics Wallah? Alakh Pandey is the owner of Physics Wallah. Which was started in 2016-2017 with a YouTube channel.

Who is the CEO of Physics Wallah? Alakh Pandey is the CEO of Physics Wallah.

Physics Wallah Net Worth? Alakh Pandey is the owner and CEO of Physics Wallah, the country’s 101st unicorn startup, which has a net worth of around $1.1 billion.

Unicorn Physics Wallah? Friends, in today’s time a YouTube channel ‘Physics wallah’ has become a brand and today it has become the 101st unicorn company in the country. Westbridge and GSV Ventures have invested Rs 7.77 billion in Medical and Engineering preparation ‘Physics wallah’.

Is Alakh Pandey a Millionaire? The net worth of 30-year-old Alakh Pandey is said to stand at $7.23 million.

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