Top Graphic Designers in Philadelphia 2022?

Today in today’s article we will know about the Top Graphic Designers in Philadelphia in 2022. Friends, as we know, Graphic Designers made their position at the top in this marketing or branding era. In today’s time, graphic design is being used by almost every company to market their products and services to customers and to increase the sales of their products. In this episode, further, an Brand needs a Graphic Designer that can help him in his online marketing and branding.


List Of 10+ Top Graphic Designers in Philadelphia 2022:

Top Graphic Designers in Philadelphia
Top Graphic Designers in Philadelphia
1. BuzzFlick 6. Ridge Marketing
2. INKcorporated Designs7. WNA InfoTech LLC
3. Sagefrog Marketing Group8. Granite Creative Group
4. Xhilarate 9. Brand3 Inc
5. Refresh Advertising 10. Arcweb Technologies

1. BuzzFlick 

  • Location – Dover, DE
  • Minimum Project Size – $1,000+
  • Employee Size – 50 – 249
  • Founded In – 2016

BuzzFlick has been offering animation-based multimedia solutions to businesses since 2016. They are experts in graphic design and video production for small and medium-sized businesses, producing videos such as commercials, explanations, brand videos, and more.

One of BuzzFlick’s projects involved partnering with Button Smasher, a gaming platform. BuzzFlick has developed a demonstration video to showcase the platform’s services.

2. INKcorporated Designs

  • Location – SOUTHAMPTON, PA
  • Minimum Project Size – $1,000+
  • Employee Size – 2-9
  • Founded In – 2016

With a passion for both strategy and design, INKcorporated Designs has provided graphic design work for clients such as K’nex. Based in Pennsylvania, INKcorporated Designs brings a long history of success to every project it completes.

When their client was just a new brand looking to make an impact, INKcorporated Designs realized all of its expertise in this distinct area. The result was a resounding entry into the market orchestrated by the designers and strategists of INKcorporated Designs.

3. Sagefrog Marketing Group

  • Location – Philadelphia, PA
  • Minimum Project Size – $5,000+
  • Employee Size – 10-49
  • Founded In – 2002

Sagefrog Marketing Group is an award-winning marketing agency based in Philadelphia and founded in 2002. It has more than 50 employees specializing in advertising, branding, and graphic design for the healthcare, technology, industrial and commercial sectors.

Razor IT Solutions hired Sagefrog Marketing Group to redesign their website and manage SEO and Google Ads. Sagefrog Marketing Group achieved all goals, while the team’s friendly approach and excellent customer service made it easy to work with them. Thanks to Sagefrog Marketing Group, the customer got more leads and increased the number of new customers.

4. Xhilarate 

  • Location – Philadelphia, PA
  • Minimum Project Size – $10,000+
  • Employee Size – 2-7
  • Founded In – 2016

Famous brands such as GlaxoSmithKline, American Express, and P&G rely on Xhilarate to create eye-catching, exciting, and inspiring visual expressions of the brand. They are an experiential branding company that helps build experiential brand connections with employees, customers, and investors.

As Comcast prepared to cut the ribbon on its new national headquarters in Philadelphia, Xhilarate worked diligently with a multifaceted team of real estate partners, facilities teams, and human resources leaders, along with our partners at Hess Design, to create a kit of welcome for employees.

5. Refresh Advertising 

  • Location – HOLMDEL, NJ
  • Minimum Project Size – $1,000+
  • Employee Size – 2-9
  • Founded In – 2017

Refresh Advertising counts impressive brands among its key customers. So it’s no wonder that this New Jersey-based company has achieved widespread success across a wide range of industries for its targeted advertising work. An example of their success in web development comes from a globally recognized brand. Refresh Advertising has helped them revitalize their materials to stand out in a crowded market and make a strong impression on more customers than ever.

6. Ridge Marketing

  • Location – BASKING RIDGE, NJ
  • Minimum Project Size – Inquire
  • Employee Size – 10-49
  • Founded In – 2004

Ridge Marketing is a full-service marketing agency specializing in inbound and outbound marketing campaigns. They offer digital strategy, web design, and email marketing solutions aimed primarily at medium-sized businesses as well as small and large businesses.

One of Ridge Marketing’s projects involved partnering with Tingley, a clothing line. Ridge Marketing has built a fully brand-responsive eCommerce website that features a modern look and feels and multiple categories to browse.

7. WNA InfoTech LLC

  • Location – BEAR, DE
  • Minimum Project Size – $1,000+
  • Employee Size – 10-49
  • Founded In – 2018

Their clients include major corporate clients such as Caddycan, but WNA InfoTech is a web development agency that hasn’t lost its focus on innovation or creativity. This Delaware-based company helps organizations around the world focus their strategy for greater success.

If you want to see how WNA InfoTech helps brands communicate with their audiences in a unique and crowded space, look no further than their work for River Creative Agency. WNA InfoTech helped them define a strategy for their audience to improve their reach.

8. Granite Creative Group

  • Location – LANCASTER, PA
  • Minimum Project Size – $5,000+
  • Employee Size – 2-9
  • Founded In – 2018

What do Saxton & Stump and SE Healthcare have in common? Both turned to Granite Creative Group for their expertise in graphic design. This Pennsylvania-based agency has already done huge waves of work for both corporate clients and startups.

When Madsen Beck launched a platform aimed at its unique users, Granite Creative Group looked at its entire approach to creating key features and devising a strategy that brought together all elements of the client’s brand. The result was a huge success and continues to drive the brand’s advancement today.

9. Brand3 Inc

  • Location – BEL AIR, MD
  • Minimum Project Size – $5,000+
  • Employee Size – 10-49
  • Founded In – 2004

Brand3 Inc. believes that clear marketing campaigns are the key to enabling companies to reach their true potential. That’s why they offer branding, web design, and graphic design solutions aimed primarily at small businesses. Its branding services focus on brand strategy and messaging. One of Brand3 Inc.‘s projects involved partnering with LiveWell Outdoors, a landscaping company, Brand3 inc. changed the name of the company, which was previously known as Sharper Cut Landscaping. The rebranding has aligned their work with their market goals.

10. Arcweb Technologies

  • Location – Philadelphia, PA
  • Minimum Project Size – $10,000+
  • Employee Size – 50-249
  • Founded In – 2011

Arcweb Technologies is a software development company. Its core team is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Their team offers custom software development, digital strategy, graphic design, and mobile app development.


Top 10 Graphic Design Agencies in Philadelphia 2022?

* BuzzFlick 
* INKcorporated Designs
* Sagefrog Marketing Group
* Xhilarate 
* Refresh Advertising 
* Ridge Marketing
* WNA InfoTech LLC
* Granite Creative Group
* Brand3 Inc
* Arcweb Technologies

Who is the Best Graphic Designer in the World 2022?

1.) Paula Scherr.
2.) Rob Janoff.
3.) Susan Kare.
4.) Paul Rand.
5.) Marian Bantjes.

What Does a Graphic Designer Do – YouTube?

Credit/Source: 4 The Creatives Channel

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