Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in Dubai Of 2022?

Hello, Friend Welcome to Our new Post. Today in today’s article we will know about the Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in Dubai Of 2022. Friends, as we know, tomorrow will be the digital marketing era. In today’s time, digital marketing is being used by almost every company to reach their products and services to customers and to increase the sales of their products. In this episode, further an entrepreneur or a business needs a digital marketing agency that can help him in his online marketing and branding.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in Dubai
Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in Dubai


List Of Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in Dubai Of 2022:

1. Drive Dentsu 6. SI3 Digital
2. Blue Beetle 7. Blank Space
3. Digital Sapiens8. EDS Dubai
4. Amplify 9. Digital Nexa
5. Bird Marketing10. 7G Media

1. Drive Dentsu 

  • Location – Dubai UAE
  • Project Size – Inquire
  • Employee – 51-200
  • Founded In – 1997

Drive Dentsu is one of the digital marketing agencies in Dubai providing customized solutions to their clients. Drive is part of the Dentsu Global network. The agency has worked for clients such as Toyota, Cannon, and Radisson Royal Hotel.

This is one of the best digital marketing agencies in Dubai providing media independent services that help clients with both online and offline solutions. Drive Dentsu is a team of integrated thinkers who focus on finding appropriate solutions to the common marketing challenges faced by companies.

2. Blue Beetle 

  • Location – Dubai UAE
  • Project Size – Inquire
  • Employee – 51-200
  • Founded In – 1997

Blue Beetle is a Dubai-based digital marketing agency that focuses on the entertainment, events, and hospitality industry. Founded in 2004, Blue Beetle is a medium-sized agency with several clients. The strengths of the agency lie in web development, mobile app development, and integrated marketing solutions. This is one of the best digital marketing agencies in Dubai that works as a collaborative partner of the client to deliver personalized campaigns.

3. Digital Sapiens

  • Location – Dubai UAE
  • Project Size – Inquire
  • Employee – 11-50
  • Founded In – 2012

Digital Sapiens is another credible Dubai digital marketing agency based in San Antonio, Texas. The agency provides a range of services including social media marketing, web design and development, search engine optimization, and online reputation management. It works closely with its customers for a fruitful and results-oriented digital transformation process. Digital Sapiens works as a strategic partner with a variety of companies, helping them with creative marketing solutions.

4. Amplify 

  • Location – Dubai UAE
  • Project Size – Inquire
  • Employee – 11-59
  • Founded In – 2008

Amplify is one of the Digital Marketing agencies in Dubai that helps its clients through well-executed creative campaigns. The agency specializes in running online and offline campaigns. Amplify provides a range of digital marketing services including design, technology, PR, and project management.

The amplify team works as an extension of their customers’ marketing team by helping them to win 360-degree marketing campaigns. The agency works with startups, SMEs, and large companies.

5. Bird Marketing

  • Location – Dubai UAE
  • Project Size – $5,000+
  • Employee – 10-49
  • Founded In – 2010

Bird Limited is a digital agency assigned to competitions that include web design, search engines (SEO), electronic commerce, and payment accommodation. Bird Limited is focused on Roi, efficient and aware of the environment, using only green servers.

An example of Bird Limited’s work is its work for Chinese telecom giant Huawei. Huawei needed help with marketing, and Bird Limited provided a comprehensive white paper and consultation sessions. Huawei now feels more confident in its digital strategy.

6. SI3 Digital

  • Location – Dubai UAE
  • Project Size – $1,000+
  • Employee – 10-49
  • Founded In – 2009

Many corporate clients consider SI3 Digital to be their trusted eCommerce development experts, so it’s no wonder the company has achieved such widespread success. With years of experience in their industry, this UAE-based agency is definitely here to make an impact.

An SI3 Digital customer is a globally recognized leader in their industry and SI3 Digital has provided targeted and wide-ranging services to the company throughout the entire employment relationship. This includes user experience design, user interface, overall brand presence and visuals, and more.

7. Blank Space

  • Location – Dubai UAE
  • Project Size – $50,000+
  • Employee – 2-9
  • Founded In – 2014

Their clients include big companies like Takeda, but SpaceX is a mobile app development company that has never focused on innovation or creativity. This Canadian company helps organizations around the world focus their strategies for greater success. If you want to see how open space helps brands connect with their audience in a unique, crowded space, look no further than their work for Mercedes Benz Toronto. Space helps them plan for their audience to improve their reach.

8. EDS Dubai

  • Location – Dubai UAE
  • Project Size – Inquire
  • Employee – 10-49
  • Founded In – 2006

EDS Dubai is a team of sales professionals who do their best for customers. They were founded in 2006 and offer more than 70 marketing services to its customers. They are driven by results and customer ROI. When they are employed, they will work for the achievement of the company’s goals. Through their creativity, they create innovative digital solutions for their clients.

They have worked for more than 1000 clients. The EDS team aims to provide the best innovative solutions and maximize your return on investment through its marketing campaigns. They want to add value to their customers.

Client Of EDS Dubai:

  • Krooti International
  • New World Pvt. School
  • MDS Mobile
  • Al-Zahra Hospital
  • Informa Exhibitions
  • MTM Power Sports
  • IMG Worlds of Adventure
  • Vivandi Training

9. Digital Nexa

  • Location – Dubai UAE
  • Project Size – Inquire
  • Employee – 100+
  • Founded In – 2005

Digital Nexa is a digital marketing company with a team of over 100 employees. They have an incredible role to play in bridging the technology space. They were created in the year 2005 to digitize the market space, and they have managed to do just that. Digital Nexa has offices in the United Arab Emirates, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

They have provided many businesses that want to succeed in digital marketing. They provide their clients with scalable solutions, which help increase their return on investment. They also have modern technology for implementing digital marketing strategies.

10. 7G Media

  • Location – Dubai UAE
  • Project Size – Inquire
  • Employee – 10-49
  • Founded In – 2007

7G Media is one of the most trusted digital marketing companies in Dubai. In addition, they have a complete understanding of the local market and its needs. They were founded in 2007 and have won many awards for its innovation. They have provided many performance-based solutions for companies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

They have the best digital marketers on their team who are experts in different fields. Also, they are a team of over 30 talented people. Also, they have served more than 2000 customers since its inception. In addition, the digital agency is Amani Abuseedo, who has more than 30 years of experience in economics, media, and marketing.

7G Media Client List:

  • UAE Ministry of Finance
  • UAE Ministry of Economy
  • UAE Ministry of Health
  • Expo Centre Sharjah
  • Gulf Air
  • Dubai Police
  • American Hospital
  • Dubai Exports
  • The executive council
  • Dubai Government Excellence Program
  • RTA
  • Emirates Health Services


What does a Digital Marketing Agency do?

Digital marketing companies in the UAE are responsible for planning, coordinating, and executing marketing campaigns for their clients.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in Dubai (UAE) 2022?

* Drive Dentsu 
* Blue Beetle
* Digital Sapiens
* Amplify
* Bird Marketing
* S13 Digital
* Digital Nexa
* Blank Space
* EDS Dubai
* 7G Media

What Does A Digital Marketing Agency Do – YouTube Tutorial?

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