This OnePlus Liquid Cooler Keeps Your Smartphone Cool by 20 Degrees

One of the world’s largest tech events, the Mobile World Congress 2023, is happening now to showcase the latest innovations. At the event, OnePlus introduces a unique liquid cooling system that promises to revolutionize smartphone gaming.

Smartphone gaming has grown in popularity in recent years, with more people playing games on their devices than ever before. However, the problem with intense smartphone gaming is that the processors generate a lot of heat, which can cause the phone to slow down, often even overheat.

With their latest liquid cooling system, OnePlus has addressed this issue head on. While gaming, the technology can keep your smartphone cool by 20 degrees Celsius, allowing for consistent peak performance. This is a significant achievement, as most modern smartphones use a passive cooling solution with a liquid vapor chamber that may not handle sustained usage.

Why Smartphones Need Advanced Cooling Solutions?

Smartphones, despite having powerful processors, have limitations because of their small size. As a result, space for effective cooling systems is limited. This leads to issues like overheating, which can affect the device’s performance. It’s not only this 45W liquid cooling system that OnePlus unveiled at MWC 2023; They also showcase a liquid cooling based smartphone known as OnePlus 11 Concept.

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OnePlus smartphone cooling system

OnePlus, to cater to the heating problem, built a dedicated liquid cooler that can be used on almost any smartphone. This cooling solution increases heat dissipation and keeps the device cool to the touch. Furthermore, the external cooler’s clip is lightweight (75 grams), making it simple to attach and detach from your device.

How OnePlus’s Liquid Cooler Works?

The OnePlus 45W liquid cooler attaches to the smartphone and directs heat away from the processor. The OnePlus cooler is lightweight and doesn’t blow hot air at the user’s hand, unlike other external coolers that use a clip with a fan inside.

One of the best features of this cooler is that you can customize the amount of cooling you require, making it more efficient and quieter. However, the OnePlus 45W liquid cooler can be loud at full speed, so keep this in mind when using it.

This liquid cooler, according to OnePlus, can reduce phone temperature by 20 degrees, which is impressive. However, it is important to note that this cooler performs best when placed directly on the processor. This cooling system consumes a lot of electricity with a power of 45W, so use it only when you have access to a power source.

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