Skippi Ice Pops Owner Now? Skippi Ice Pops Net Worth 2022?

Today we are going to talk about a new and emerging startup in India named Skippy Ice Pops, all of you must have eaten Ice Pops at some time in your childhood so this is it. So today we know Skippi Ice Pops Owner Now and Skippi Ice Pops Net Worth 2022.

If you love ‘Ice Pepsis’, you will be thrilled to know that India has its first ice pop with this startup in Hyderabad that works with natural flavors. It has been launched by Anuja and Ravi Kabra, residents of Hyderabad. The duo claims to be India’s first ice pop brand under the name Skippi.

Skippi Ice Pops Owner & Founder?

Skippi Ice Pops Owner Now?
Skippi Ice Pops Owner Now

The Owner and Founder of Skippi ice Pops was an entrepreneur and a business owner. It was Ravi Kabra and Anuja Kabra. They had an idea for a product that they thought would be popular in the marketplace. He saw that there were many people who loved to eat popsicles, but they didn’t want to have to buy them from the store.

They wanted to have the opportunity to make their own popsicles at home with their favorite flavors and ingredients. This is what inspired him to create his own line of popsicles called Skippi Ice Pops.

Skippi Ice Pop’s founder was also very interested in helping people learn how to cook and make food for themselves, so he wanted his company’s mission statement to reflect this as well. So, Skippi ice Pops is a company that was founded by Ravi Kabra and Anuja Kabra who were looking to create healthier popsicles.

What is Skippi Ice Pops?

Skippi is an ice pops startup that produces ice pops that are healthier and better for the environment. Skippi is an ice pops startup that produces healthy, environmentally friendly, and sustainable ice pops. Skippi was founded by three friends who wanted to make a difference in their community by providing a delicious way to cool off during the hot summer months. Skippi Ice Pops are made with organic ingredients and contain no artificial flavors or colors. They are also vegan-friendly and gluten-free!

Skippi Ice Pops Net Worth 2022?

Currently, the total valuation of Skippi Ice Pops is ₹66 Crores in 2022.

Skippi Ice Pops Price?

Price: ₹240.00 (₹28.57₹28.57 /100 ml)

Skippi Icepops 100% Natural Ice Popsicles (Lemon, Mango, Orange, Raspberry, Bubblegum, and Cola – 12 x 70 ml)

Skippi Ice Pops Investors?

Source: SharkTank India

Skippi Ice Pops, the company that is changing the way we think about ice pops, has raised Rs. 10 million in funding. Skippi Ice Pops has 5 investors including Namita Thapar, Aman Gupta, Vineeta Singh, Anupam Mittal, and Ashneer Grover.


Skippi Ice Pops Belongs to Which Country?

Skippi Ice Pops is a great Indian startup which is started by Ravi Kabra and Anuja Kabra.

Who is Skippi Ice Pops Founder?

The Brand Founders are Ravi and Anuja Kabra.

Skippi Ice Pops Review – Youtube?

Credit/Source: Anonymous Guruji Channel

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