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Comprising three internal layers, the Simba Hybrid Firm Pillow is a firm but adjustable pillow with a touch of softness, often not present in foam models. I found it a little too fat with all three layers, but removing one gave me the right balance of comfort and support.


  • adjustable
  • Soft yet supportive
  • easy to look after


  • Doesn’t dissipate heat fast

  • fillingTwo Simba Renew and one Aerocoil internal pillow.

  • trialComes with a 30-night trial period.


While a firm pillow can be good for support, they can often feel uncomfortable and hard compared to a traditional pillow.

The Simba Hybrid Firm attempts to compensate for that with its adjustable internal layers, which let you switch around the pillow height and firmness. For those that need a slightly harder pillow, this one is supportive and comfortable.

Design and filling

  • Height and firmness adjustable
  • Washable cover and interior
  • Heat-reducing technology

Externally, the Simba Hybrid Firm uses the same pillow cover as the company’s Hybrid pillow. This has a mesh front for better airflow, and has two different surfaces. Place it with the turquoise strip facing up, and you get the Stratos cover. This draws heat away from your head to keep you cool.

Simba Hybrid Firm Pillow cover
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If you prefer, you can flip the cover over and use the standard cotton cover instead. This uses cotton sourced through the Better Cotton Initiative, which helps growers and aims to reduce the environmental impact of cotton production. This cover can be washed at 40C.

Inside the main cover are three separate layers: two Simba Renew and one Aerocoil. Simba Renew consists of soft fibers, giving a more traditional pillow feel; The Aerocoil layer uses micro springs, similar to the ones used in its mattress.

Simba Hybrid Firm Pillow inside
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How you use the layers, and how many you use, affects the feel and height of this pillow. Simba recommends that side sleepers should use all three layers, but the combination can be adjusted for taste: the Simba Renew layers on top make for a medium feel; placing the Aerocoil on top makes the pillow feel firmer; Aerocoil in the middle is a compromise between the two.

For back sleepers, Sibma recommends using one Renew layer and the Aerocoil layer. Again, Aerocoil on top provides a firmer feel, and on the bottom, a more medium feel.

I found that the three layers were a little too high, even as a side sleeper, and the pillow was hard to get into a regular pillow case, so I went with the two layers, preferring the Renew layer on top. This meant I had to find somewhere to store the spare Renew layer.

Both Renew layers can be washed at 40C, but the Aerocoil layer shouldn’t be washed in a washing machine.

Simba Hybrid Firm Pillow washing instructions
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There’s a 30-day trial on the pillow, so you can buy and test before you decide whether or not to keep it.


  • Firm but comfortable
  • Good level of support

There’s no escaping that this is a firm pillow. If I were a front sleeper, I wouldn’t even consider this model.

As a side sleeper, I found the best combination was to put a Renew layer on top and the Aerocoil layer underneath. While the pillow was still firm, the Renew layer added a bit of softness and made it feel more like a regular pillow. I found this combination much better than the Emma Original, which I found too difficult.

Testing the pillow, I lay on my side with my head in the sleeping position. My head was lifted 12.5cm from the mattress, which is about spot-on for keeping my neck straight while sleeping.

I also measured heat dissipation. Lying on my back for ten minutes, I used a thermal camera to take a photo every minute. I found the Simba Hybrid Firm held onto heat more than the Simba Hybrid, and it took five minutes before the outline of my head was almost gone.

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Should you buy it?

If you want a firmer pillow, yet one with a hint of softness to it, this adjustable one is a good compromise.

If you prefer a softer pillow with a more feather-like feel to it, you’ll want to look at an alternative.

Final Thoughts

If you like a firmer feel to a pillow but like some softness in the mix, the Simba Hybrid Firm is a good choice. Its choice of layers makes it easy to adjust to suit your way of sleeping and your preferred comfort level. If you prefer a softer, more feather-like feel, the Simba Hybrid is a better choice but this is a fine firm pillow.

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Used as our main pillow for the review period

We use a thermal camera to see how quickly the pillow can dissipate heat for a comfortable night’s sleep.

We measure how far off the mattress our head is kept, to check how supportive the pillow is


Can you wash the Simba Hybrid Firm Pillow?

The outer cover and two Renew pillows can be washed, but the Aerocoil layer should not be washed.

Is the Simba Hybrid Firm Pillow adjustable?

Yes, you can choose which internal pillows you use and the order that they’re inserted in.

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