Real AppsFlyer Review 2022: Low Pricing, Benefits and Alternatives in 2022?

In this article, Our team has shared a detailed AppsFlyer Review 2022 and AppsFlyer Alternatives. Then, at that point, I have a very surprising item for you, AppsFlyer. AppsFlyer is a mobile apps analytics & marketing software that enables developers, businesses, and marketing agencies to track and optimize their acquisition funnel. AppsFlyer was established late in 2011. The organization’s size differs roughly have 1000 Employees.


What is AppsFlyer Company in 2022?

Real AppsFlyer Review 2022

AppsFlyer App is a mobile apps analytics & marketing software that empowers designers, organizations, and promoting offices to follow and upgrade their acquisition funnel. The stage coordinates with various applications, so publicists can perform complete limited-time campaigns.

This arrangement is produced for information-driven advertising experts to settle on mindful choices to amplify their ROI and develop their portable business. It gives profound investigation, execution measurements, and adaptable revealing.

AppsFlyer relates each introduction to a legitimate mission or media source. One of the most conspicuous elements is retargeting attribution; bringing up which mission is best in reconnecting with clients. The stage measures the worth of this re-commitment with in-application occasions to check and improve retargeting ROI. it is possible to attribute broadcast TV campaigns.

Who is the Owner of AppsFlyer in 2022?

The Owner and CEO of AppsFlyer is Oren Kaniel.

AppsFlyer Company Belongs To Which Country?

AppsFlyer Company is a mobile apps analytics & marketing software, headquartered in San Francisco, California.

What is the Net Worth of AppsFlyer Company?

The Total Valuation of AppsFlyer Company is something $1.6 billion.

Amazing AppsFlyer Features in 2022?

  • AB Testing.
  • API.
  • Account Alerts.
  • Activity Dashboard.
  • Activity Monitoring.
  • Attribution Modeling.
  • Audience Targeting.
  • Fraud Detection.
  • IP Address Monitoring.
  • IP Blocking.
  • In-App Events Tracking.
  • Location-Based Marketing.
  • Multi-Campaign.
  • Campaign Analytics.
  • Campaign Tracking.
  • Channel Management.
  • Cohort Analysis.
  • Compliance Management.
  • Contextual Targeting.
  • Conversion Tracking.
  • Cross Channel Attribution.
  • Customer Experience Management.
  • Customer Journey Mapping.
  • Dashboard.
  • Search/Filter.
  • Secure Data Storage.
  • Social Media Integration.
  • Social Media Monitoring.
  • Time on Site Tracking.
  • Uninstall Tracking.
  • Website Analytics.
  • Data Import/Export.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Multi-Channel Attribution.
  • Multi-Touch Attribution
  • Performance Metrics.
  • Predictive Analytics.
  • ROI Tracking.
  • Reporting/Analytics.
  • Retention Tracking.
  • Revenue Tracking.
  • Risk Assessment.
  • SMS Messaging.

AppsFlyer Benefits in 2022?

Multi-Touch Attribution

AppsFlyer tracks the user activity from app finding, to download to in-app activities to assist marketers to make informed decisions.

Live Alerts: AppsFlyer Features

Learn about and swiftly act on concerns that need instant attention. Obtain insights from any place, even away from your office.

Robust Deep Linking

Profound connecting hugely affects your clients’ web-to-application journey and guides each client to the right

Real-Time Data

Observe your data perform live, as in-app activity and installs are logged and reported instantly after the occurrence.

Customizable Reporting

Adaptable dashboards and turn reports permit you to share low-and significant level investigations and reports with significant partners.

Uninstall Measurement

Learn which creatives and campaigns aren’t effective, and where poor UX or other problems are making users remove the app.

AD Revenue Reporting

Combine membership income information and in-application buy with promotion income information to figure out the full LTV (lifetime esteem) of every client.

Flexible Lookback Windows

You can deftly characterize impressions and snap lookback windows to set crusade targets. This can significantly affect your benefits.

AppsFlyer Alternatives in 2022?

There are the top 5 AppsFlyer alternatives in 2022:

AppsFlyer Pricing in 2022?

AppsFlyer Pros & Cons in 2022?


  • Great at reporting, simply extraordinary for apps.
  • Does give you great real-time reporting and tracking.
  • Their integration is superb and helps a lot in having excellent multi-channel attribution and analytics.
  • The exclusion list from AppsFlyer is a great one for understanding our app users who came back to re-download.
  • Another one that we all love is how easy it is to flag any fraud affiliates.
  • Easy to create analytics reports.
  • Excellent at campaign analysis.
  • The support is extraordinary.


  • Exporting feature which is not the best for reports.
  • The P360 is not the best.
  • The user interface is a bit difficult for starters to use.

AppsFlyer Supportive Devices?

AppsFlyer supports the following devices:

  • Android (Mobile)
  • iPhone (Mobile)
  • iPad (Mobile)

AppsFlyer vs Branch in 2022?

AppsFlyer Branch
1. Appsflyer is Amazing for running various missions across numerous clients and monitoring continuous execution. Attribution is first class and the stage is in the know regarding the advancements nearby while keeping its successful and reliable data. Trading reports could be a smidgen more well disposed of yet, all things considered, a really extraordinary MMP.1. Branch appropriate: Branch joins are culminating for inserting into our email specialist co-op (SendGrid), paid media channels (Facebook, Google, ASA), natural media (Instagram, Facebook, content advertising, reference), and message pop-up stage (OneSignal) to have the option to assess moves initiated from clients that tapped on those branch joins. Regardless of the information from these connections, they are exact and are effortlessly sent out to our data set and CRM to decide ROI, and track down flimsy spots in our significant pipes.


What Payment Method does AppsFlyer Support?

AppsFlyer supports the following payment methods: Monthly, Yearly

Who are AppsFlyer Competitors in 2022?

* Kochava
* Branch
* Fraud Blocker
* Singular
* CleverTap

AppsFlyer’s Dashboard Tutorial – YouTube?

Credit/Source: AppsFlyer Academy Channel

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