Panasonic Series 900+ Review: A proper close shave



The Panasonic Series 900+ has to be one of the best shavers right now, particularly when it comes to dodging shaving rash and irritation. It’s a pricey bit of kit but I think it’s got that extra something to warrant the splurge. Overall: a well-performing shaver with an innovative design that will please the clean-shaven crowd while standing the test of time.


  • very close shave
  • Adjusts power automatically
  • Comfortable to hold

  • Battery lifeLasts for 50 continuous minutes on one charge.

  • typeThis is a wet and dry shaver, so can be used in the shower.


Just when you thought Panasonic’s five-blade shaver, the “Arc5” was taking things too far, the brand went and released a new and improved model – this time with a whopping six blades. Known as the Panasonic Series 9000+ (or the “Arc 6” to those who want to carry on the Arc legacy), this is the Japanese company’s first-ever six-blade foil electric shaver.

But why? Do we really need six blades on a foil shaver? Apparently, the additional blades help tackle longer, more dense stubble, cutting through up to 80% of hairs in just one pass and delivering long-lasting smoothness even after eight hours.

But with a very high RRP, is it worth it? Read on and find out.

Design and features

  • Looks massive but is ergonomically pleasing
  • Hidden LCD feels glamorous
  • Fancy charging dock included

The first time you lay eyes on Panasonic’s Series 900+, two things are likely to enter your mind: how elegant it looks and how humongous it is.

Since it has six blades, it looks pretty chunky and somewhat top-heavy. Still, the brand seems to have got the ergonomics right, as it feels good in the hand. Not too heavy or girthy. I’m a big fan of the premium matte finish and the useful LCD display that’s hidden under the front of the handle, which glows through when switched on, giving off some luxury vibes. Well, it is £500 after all.

Panasonic Series 900+ in hand
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The charging dock that’s included in the box with the Series 900+ also works satisfyingly well, not only in terms of re-juicing the battery but making it look slick and expensive.


  • A closer shave with less effort
  • Less irritation than most shavers
  • Beard sensor tech detects beard density and adjusts motor power accordingly
  • Can be used wet or dry

With a whopping six blades, the Series 900+ should offer users a shave that requires less effort to get the same result and therefore less irritation. And in my tests, it seemed to be the case, with results proving impressive. Moving the massive head of the device across the contours of my face, it chomps its way through stubble easily.

This is probably down to the Series 900+ making use of blades that Panasonic claims are “nano-sharpened” to just 30 degrees – creating an angle that keeps the blades close to the hair root. And since you don’t need to push down onto the skin to get a close shave, or go over and over the same areas, redness and irritation are minimized.

Panasonic Series 900+ power button
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There’s method behind Panasonic’s madness in implementing a six-blade set-up, as the blades are arranged in order of two lift blades, that pull up the hair before it gets the chop, two thick stubble blades that whack it off and then two finish blades for good measure, which aim to get the hair down even shorter before the glide-by is over.

Like most modern electric shavers, the Series 900+ has some neat beard sensor tech that detects beard density and thickness and adjusts the power of the motor 14 times per second to ensure it doesn’t tug on longer stubble as it makes light work of trimming. yourchops.

Longer and flat-lying hairs are definitely shortened, perhaps not as well as we were anticipating with all those blades, but still better than most electric shavers I’ve tried.

Oh, and I should note that the Series 900+ can be used wet as well as dry for more time-efficient shower shaves.

Battery life of 50 minutes is decent, but there are longer-lasting shavers for those that travel a lot and may not want to carry a charger with them.

Panasonic Series 900+ blades
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Should you buy it?

Excellent performance: You’re after a well-performing luxury shaver that looks the part and does a good job at offering a close shave.

Price: You don’t shave every day or so, as it won’t justify the hefty price tag.

Final Thoughts

A top shaver if you’ve got the dosh, but if you’re looking for something a little less flashy – you could give the Braun Series 7 a go. Considerably cheaper, you’re getting some of the same fancy tech (such as the beard length sensor) and a pretty close shave.

How we test

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Used as our main electric shaver for the review period

Used on a variety of stubble lengths to test closeness of shave

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How many blades does the Panasonic Series 900+ have?

This electric shaver has six blades, designed to give a close shave with the minimum of effort.

Can the Panasonic Series 900+ be used in a shower?

Yes, it is waterproof, so can be used wet.




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