OCTO Browser Review 2022: Pricing, Benefits and Alternatives?

OCTO Browser Review 2022: Anti detect program is unique programming that replaces computerized finger impression, making it conceivable to mimic the way of behaving of a client that is new and new to a stage.

There are a ton of ways of utilizing an anti-detect program: website admins address this device to put supposed exchange surebets, and it can likewise help out with SMM directors, spammers, crypto merchants, and so on. It, by and large, proves to be useful for every individual who needs a lot of discrete and totally inconsequential records.


What is Octo Browser in 2022?

OCTO Browser Review 2022
Octo Browser Pricing

Octo Browser is a Chromium-based anti-detect program. The point of interaction is truly instinctive and reasonable to most clients. Remotely, researching Chrome is comparable.

Today, it is one of the most incredible arrangements among all suitable anti-detect programs available. The item is adaptable: it is reasonable for website admins, commercial centers, wagering shops, and crypto merchants.

The program consolidates rapid execution and a simple to-utilize interface, while its framework utilizes genuine fingerprints as it were. Chances of tracking down associations between your records or getting recognized are equivalent to nothing.

Octo Browser Features in 2022?

But there is more Octo Browser Features. While testing the browser, we’ve pointed out the following best Octo Browser Features:


The program can be useful for website admins, yet in addition for working with commercial centers, bookmakers, and making profiles on different stages.


As we previously referenced, Octo Browser utilizes fingerprints of genuine gadgets. This is the just anti detect program that effectively passes any well-known testing, including PixelScan.

Speed Performance:

The program is not difficult to use because of outside likenesses with Google Chrome. It doesn’t slack or crash and stands apart for its quicker reaction speed.


You can make a profile in a squint of an eye and begin working just subsequent to sending off the program. You can utilize labels to sort profiles and accelerate the hunt.

Octo Browser Pricing in 2022?

How to Set up The Octo Browser?

Firstly you have to Octo Browser Free Download and Sign up on your device:

  • The authority site of Octobrowser is in Russian however can be handily deciphered with Google. The staff at Octobrowser has guaranteed us at ProxyEmpire they will have an English page soon.
  • The APP itself which runs on the Windows client is in English 100 percent and we find that the establishment cycle is extremely straightforward. It just requires several minutes.
  • Click “Create Profile” In The User Dashboard. Profiles are just the login data saved per account you make or make due. To make another client login essentially make a profile by tapping the button at the top.
  • You can opt for an auto-generated profile, but in this guide, we will set everything up manually. 
  • Set Your Start Page & Name Your Profile.
  • The program will open to first the beginning page. We prescribe setting the beginning page to https://whoer.net so you can actually take a look at your association.

Name your profile something memorable that helps you manage each account.

  • Step 4: Check Your Browser Footprint Settings
  • For a definitive namelessness, we suggest setting every choice so it utilizes your intermediary’s IP Address and not your genuine IP Address. Attempt to make each profile steady.

As an example, if you choose to set up an Apple profile, try choosing Safari as your browser instead of Windows Edge or Firefox.

  • Step 5: Fill Out Your Proxy Settings From ProxyEmpire.
  • Sign in to your ProxyEmpire dashboard and go to the “Proxy Manager” tab. From there you can select your proxy filters and copy/paste the information over to Octobrowser.
  • Copy the username, password, and IP Address, and port it over to your new profile at Octobrowser. 

ProxyEmpire supports HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS4/SOCKS5 protocols, but for Octobrowser we recommend using SOCKS5. Make sure your WebRTC setting is based on the IP. 

  • Step 6: (Optional) Upload Your Cookie Settings
  • Assuming you are moving a current record from a program to Octobrowser you can send out your treats and import them into Octobrowser with the goal that the stage perceives your genuineness.
  • Of course, this is completely optional, but it’s a great feature for those with preexisting accounts.

Octo Browser Alternatives in 2022?

Mainly there are top 5 Octo Browser Alternatives in the 2022 Market:

  • OpenGrok
  • GitZip
  • DownGit
  • Firefox
  • Brave

Octo Browser Payment Options in 2022?

Octo Browser wouldn’t disappoint you when it comes to payment. You can pay using almost every payment mode imaginable, this includes:

  • Cards
  • Google Pay
  • Qiwi
  • Multiple Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.).

What Devices Octo Browser Support?

  • Windows- 64 bit
  • macOS (Intel)
  • And MacOS (Apple M1)


Does Octo Browser work with Facebook or Google?

Indeed, definitely. It is feasible to utilize Octo Browser to deal with different records on any site or administration.

Is Octo Browser available on mobile devices?

No. For the time being, Octo Browser can only be used on computers (Windows and macOS)

Octo Browser Review Tutorial – YouTube?

Credit/Source: Robert News Channel

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