More than just a shaver

Since the Wahl Aqua Blade 10-in-1 is more than just a shaver, it’s a good option if you’re looking for a tool that can help you trim all types of facial hair. It won’t give you the results that you’d expect from more dedicated rivals, but if you’re happy to sacrifice that for the bonus tools you have on offer here, it’s a good alternative to a regular electric shaver.



  • Lots of accessories
  • Long battery life
  • versatile


  • Feels a bit cheap
  • Not the closest of shaves

  • Battery lifeA one-hour charge will deliver three hours of battery life.

  • typeA wet and dry multi-trimmer.


Not all electric shavers are just… shavers.

You might find that some electric stubble munchers double up as grooming devices, coming with special attachments that can be switched out depending on what you’re looking to shave, or trim, be it hair on the face or that which grows in more, er private areas.

This is the case with the Wahl Aqua Blade 10-in-1, a cordless and rechargeable waterproof device that has four interchangeable heads allowing for full haircuts, precision beard trimming, close clean shaving, body grooming and nose hair trimming.

Design and Features

  • Disappointing build quality
  • Classic and stylish design
  • waterproof

Wahl is normally known for its place in more professional settings such as hair salons, but since the Aqua Blade 10-in-1 has been crafted for consumer use, it’s not up to the brand’s usual standards. Made of mostly plastic material, it has a cheap feel to it.

Wahl Aqua Blade 10-in-1 box
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The chrome detailing would have been nice if it had been made of real metal, for instance. Still, it has a clean and classic design that wouldn’t go amiss in a rockabilly-themed barber shop. It is waterproof, so it can be used in the shower, which is a big plus. Overall, the similar Philips OneBlade feels nicer.

The Wahl Aqua Blade 10-in-1 doesn’t sell you short when it comes to attachments. In the box, you’ll find the groomer alongside four different head attachments: a standard trimmer head for beards, a dual foil shaver head for close shaves, a rotary head for nose hair trimming, and a smaller trimmer head for detailing.

Wahl Aqua Blade 10-in-1 power button
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There are also 16 attachment combs for hair clipping, which together provide cutting lengths of 0.2-25mm. It doesn’t end there, either. There’s a small styling comb, blade oil, cleaning brush, charger and a travel pouch to store it all in, although the latter is on the cheap and cheerful side.


  • Great precision blades
  • Shaver head provides close shave but not on the same level as dedicated rivals
  • Three hours battery on a full charge

What the Wahl Aqua Blade 10-in-1 lacks in design it certainly makes up for in performance. I found that its extremely sharp precision-ground blades, which are made from stainless steel, are able to trim all hair types with accuracy.

Wahl Aqua Blade 10-in-1 blades
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When it comes to using the foil shaver head, results were just as impressive with my stubble left very short, but not completely clean. Similar to the Philips OneBlade, this shaver does the bulk of the work, but if you want a close shave you’d want to finish off with a traditional razor or buy a more expensive electric model, such as the Braun Series 9 Pro.

And battery life? Expect the Aqua Blade 10-in-1 to last just short of three hours from a full 1-hour charge, which is enough to last for a few weeks of normal use.

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Should you buy it?

You are happy to sacrifice a super close shave for some excellent all-round body grooming tools.

A close shave is all that matters to you.

Final Thoughts

While the Aqua Blade 10-in-1 has a lot of attachments and is very flexible, it doesn’t give the closest of shaves, and it feels a bit cheap. If you want a flexible trimmer, try the Philips OneBlade, otherwise, check out our guide to the best electric shavers for alternative models.

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Used as our main electric shaver for the review period

Used on a variety of stubble lengths to test closeness of shave


Can you use the Wahl Aqua Blade in the shower?

Yes, the Wahl Aqua Blade 10-in-1 Electric Shaver is waterproof and so can be used in the shower.

What functionality does the Aqua Blade offer beyond shaving?

The Aqua Blade has four interchangeable heads allowing for full haircuts, precision beard trimming, close clean shaving, body grooming and nose hair trimming.



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