Mark the Date: Revolutionary Honor C1 RF Mobile Chip Is Coming on March 6!

Just recently, we just got to know about Honor’s plans to take over the smartphone market by storm. And it seems that the Chinese phone maker is already taking the initial steps. It just announced that the self-developed Honor C1 RF network chip is coming on March 6.

The revolutionary C1 RF network chip aims to improve network connectivity and take cellular connections to the next level. According to Honor, the chipset will allow you to get strong signals even when you are in areas with poor network signals. That means you might never need to see the “no signal” message again!

What the Honor C1 RF Chip Can Offer

According to the information shared by Honor, the new C1 network chipset features an optimized algorithm. This algorithm allows the RF chip to better handle weak signals.

And in case you never faced network issues, notice the network bars in garages, elevators, and basements. You will see that the signal strength drops significantly. Well, Honor C1 RF Chip aims to fix these signal-dropping issues.

Honor C1 RF

Gizchina News of the week

Honor officials also said the C1 RF would be the first self-developed RF enhancement chip for smartphones. And with it in place, the network communication experience with phones will improve greatly. However, there’s no official word on how much of a performance boost the phone can actually offer.

People at Honor believe the C1 RF chip will take the 5G experience to the next step. And it also means that the Chinese smartphone brand will be able to compare the chip’s 5G performance with the current leading smartphones.

Honor Magic 5 Pro

Nevertheless, seeing the Honor X9a come with a C1 RF chip would have been great. But it’s not like the phone doesn’t come with other innovative techs. It features a great display that can blow any of the mid-range devices out of the water!

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