Who is the Hyundai Owner Now? Hyundai Company Belongs to Which Country?

Most of the cars of the Hyundai company are seen nowadays, so it is necessary for us to be aware of this as well. Who is the Hyundai Owner Now and Hyundai Company Belongs to Which Country? In today’s time, almost everyone wants to have a car.

If he wants to go anywhere with his family, then he can go easily. Earlier, the Maruti Suzuki car used to come, which many people liked. But nowadays most people like and buy Hyundai company cars more.

Because its design is prepared according to the convenience and needs of the customer. So come let us get complete information about this company.


Who is the Hyundai Owner Now?

Hyundai Company Belongs to Which Country?

Hyundai company was founded in 1967 by Chung Ju Yung. But in 1999, he handed over the reins of this company to his son, Chung mong Koo. Hyundai company cars are very famous among people for their quality.

The headquarters of Hyundai Motor Company is located in the city of Seoul, South Korea. The CEO of this company is Jae Hoon Chang at present. The president of this company is Lee Won Hee. There is so much demand for Hyundai company and its sales are that its profit is around 1.6 lakh units in a year.

Hyundai Company Belongs to Which Country?

Hyundai is a multinational company based in South Korea. Which manufactures many types of motor vehicles and also exports them to many countries. Even though it is a South Korean company, the cars of this company are also bought a lot in India. Because of this company is the second-largest car manufacturing company in India.

Because the cars of this company are cheap and expensive are manufactured according to the usage of its customers. It has so many sales in India that many people think that Hyundai is an Indian company. But the real thing is that it is considered to be the largest automotive manufacturer in South Korea and the vehicles of this company are also exported to 193 countries.

When was the Hyundai Company Established?

Hyundai company is a South Korean car manufacturer. Which was established on 29 December 1967. Its founder was a person from South Korea named Chung Ju Yung. Hyundai Company is known in the world as a very large multinational automotive manufacturing corporation in South Korea.

When did the Hyundai company start in India?

The Hyundai company was first started in India in 1996. Whose name is Hyundai Motor India Limited? Hyundai was first introduced in Irungattukottai, India. The car of this company was designed and manufactured in India in 1998. This car was the first car named Santro which was launched in India and this company became a very popular company in India within a few months.

What are the Subsidiaries of Hyundai?

This company has several subsidiaries which work under its ownership. Hyundai India Limited Company is also a subsidiary company of Hyundai Motor Company which is based in India. The Hyundai company has several subsidiaries.

  • Kia motors
  • Genesis motors
  • Electric vehicles


Is Hyundai a Chinese company?

Hyundai is a multinational company based in South Korea.

Who is the owner of Hyundai in India?

Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL).

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