Huawei Watch GT Cyber ​​Review: First Impressions

Huawei is doing something genuinely different with the Watch GT Cyber. The ability to not only swap out the strap but the entire case will no doubt be popular among the fashion-conscious, and the fact that it’s still a pretty capable fitness tracker is a bonus. It’s just a shame it’s not coming to the UK.



  • UKunavailable
  • USAunavailable
  • Europeunavailable
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  • Hot-swappable designYou can swap out not only the strap but the case of the wearable itself

  • Capable fitness trackingThe Watch GT Cyber ​​sports Huawei’s TruSeen 5 tech for fitness and sleep tracking

  • Exclusive watch facesThe Watch GT Cyber ​​includes a smattering of exclusive faces including one that can adapt to match the colors of your outfit.


The The Huawei Watch GT Cyber ​​is an exciting new entry in the wearable space that does something completely different to almost every other smartwatch on the market.

Rather than just swapping out the strap when you want to change the look, the Watch GT Cyber ​​allows you to swap out the entire case, including the stainless steel rotating crown, to completely switch up the wearable’s appearance at a moment’s notice.

The catch? It’s not due out in the UK or Europe anytime soon, with the watch being an exclusive launch in China and a handful of other countries upon release.

That said, I got the chance to go hands-on with the hot-swappable wearable at MWC 2023, and here’s what I think about it so far.


  • Can swap out the entire case
  • Stainless steel rotating crown is also hot-swappable

Huawei is doing something completely different to most smartwatch manufacturers with the Huawei Watch GT Cyber. Rather than simply switching out the strap like most popular smartwatches, the watch GT Cyber ​​allows you to swap out the entire case and strap set for a completely different look.

It’s all down to the central display/body of the wearable that Huawei dubs the Smart Movement, which pops out of the rest of the case and strap with a simple push, resembling a kind of smart pocket watch.

Huawei Watch GT Cyber, showing how the watch can pop out of the case
Image Credit (Trusted Reviews)

It’s much easier to swap out the entire setup than it is to swap straps with many alternatives – I swapped the casing in just a few seconds during my hands-on time with the smartwatch.

It’s this feature that makes the Watch GT Cyber ​​more fashion-focused than most of Huawei’s wearable collection, with users able to quickly change the entire look of the wearable without having to invest in several models.

There are small smart features that further enhance the process, like the Smart Movement being able to detect which strap and case combo is attached and change the watch face to the one you used with that strap previously. Ideal if you, say, have a sport-focused strap with a running-focused watchface for exercise, and a more formal watchface/strap combo for everyday use.

Huawei Watch GT Cyber ​​without its case
Image Credit (Trusted Reviews)

There are six strap and case options to choose from, split into the Urban Edition, Sport Edition and Elegant Edition, with two case and strap combos included in the box. Others are available at an additional cost, though with the budget-focused nature of the wearable, I can’t imagine these would cost too much.

The only real downside is that the straps are only available in silicon rather than high-end metal finishes found on Huawei’s top-end Watch GT3 Pro, with no ability to swap them out after purchase.

The stainless steel rotating crown is also hot-swappable, further allowing you to customize the look of the wearable depending on the look you’re going for.

Features and fitness tracking

  • Plenty of fitness-tracking features
  • Can make and receive calls
  • Kaleidoscope watch face

When it comes to fitness tracking and other smart features, the Watch GT Cyber ​​offers a similar setup to Huawei’s £230 Watch GT 3, which is to say that it’s pretty capable not only in terms of everyday tracking but dedicated exercise and sleep tracking.

Huawei’s TruSeen 5.0+ sensor tech allows the watch to track heart rate and blood oxygen as well as specific running characteristics including VO2 Max, along with sleep tracking via Huawei’s TruSleep 3.0.

The sleep tracking capabilities of Huawei’s wearables have always been a favorite of mine in the wearable space, with not only a lot of data to delve into but helpful suggestions on how to improve sleep, and I expect much the same from the Watch GT Cyber ​​– though sadly I didn’t fall asleep during the briefing so I couldn’t put it to the test.

The crown of the Huawei Watch GT Cyber
Image Credit (Trusted Reviews)

Fitness tracking aside, the Watch GT Cyber ​​can also make and receive calls thanks to built-in mics and speakers, check incoming notifications, access Petal maps and more. GT Watch Cyber ​​users will also be the first to use Huawei’s latest batch of watch faces including a new kaleidoscope face and a portrait-focused face.

The kaleidoscope watch face is particularly interesting as you can use your connected smartphone to take a snap of your outfit for the day, and the watch will generate a kaleidoscope that complements the colors you’re wearing.

Early Thoughts

Huawei is doing something genuinely different with the Watch GT Cyber. The ability to not only swap out the strap but the entire case will no doubt be popular among the fashion-conscious, and the fact that it’s still a pretty capable fitness tracker is a bonus.

The only problem with the Watch GT Cyber, it seems, is the fact that it isn’t actually coming to the UK, Europe or US. It’s mainly available in China and a smattering of South Eastern Asian and Central American countries. We can only hope that it makes its way to Europe and the UK in the future.


Will the Watch GT Cyber ​​ever be available in the UK?

There’s every possibility that the wearable will come to UK shores at some point, but for now, Huawei is focusing on release in China and a handful of countries in South East Asia and Central America.

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