How to Set Caller Tune in Jio From My Music in 2023?

If you are a Jio user then you get a chance to set Caller Tune on your mobile number. Today we are going to tell you How to Set Caller Tune in Jio From My Music in a few minutes, if you have activated any unlimited pack, then you also get a free caller tune from Jio Sim, although it costs money to set a hello tune.

Because of this many people do not set it, but when it is happening for free, almost everyone wants to set it, due to lack of information many people are not able to set hello tune. Let us know…

How to Set Caller Tune in Jio with Jio Music App?

How to Set Caller Tune in Jio From My Music in 2023?

First of all, you have to download Jio Music App if you do not have the Jio Music app then where can you find it useful, we are telling you first you have to download the My Jio App if you have a Jio sim then you have to have My Jio App Needed. You can easily Download the Jio Music app from the My Jio app.

  • After this you have to open Jio Music App, here let us tell you that not every song is available for Caller Tune in Jio but you will get recent songs for Caller Tune in Jio.
  • Whatever song you want to set for caller tune, go to the search box of the app and search, after searching you have to click on that song.
  • After searching, if the option of Set as Jio Tune comes on your song, then you can set that song for caller tune in Jio Sim, if the option of Set as Jio Tune is not coming then it means that That song is not available for Jio Sim caller tune.
  • To set the caller tune, as soon as you click on Set as Jio Tune, after some time your song will be set for the caller tune. Once set, you will get a message and email which says that you have successfully set the song for the caller tune.

How to Set Caller Tune in Jio with SMS?

This is the easiest way to set up Jio Caller Tune. You do not need to install any application on your mobile to set the Jio caller tune in this way. For this, you just have to message one number and the caller tune will be activated on your number.

Step-1. For this, first, go to the Messaging app on your mobile.

Step-2. After this, you send the message to 56789 by typing JT.

Step-3. After some time a message will come to your number in which you will be asked about the category of the song. Like 1. Bollywood 2. Regional 3. International. You can also send it by writing the name of a movie or a singer.

Step-4. Whichever category you want to put Caller Tune in. Send it by typing the number next to it. Like Bollywood has to do, then send it by pressing 1.

Step-5. If you want to set your caller tune for any singer’s song. So for this, you reply by writing the name of that singer in the message. Like I replied by writing Arijit Singh.

Step-6. After this, you will see the Top 10 latest Jio caller tune song list of that singer. Select whichever song you like from it.

Step-7. After this, you will get a message in which you will be asked whether you want to set this caller tune for all your callers. In this, you have to reply by pressing 1.

Step-8. In the next step, a message will come in which it will be said, to press Y to confirm. In this, you have to send the message by pressing Y.

Step-9. In no time your Caller Tune will be successfully activated. And a confirmation message will come to your number.

How to Set Caller Tune in Jio with MyJio App?

Most Jio users have the MyJio app on their mobile. But do you know, you can activate Caller Tune on your number absolutely free from this app?

For this, you neither need to message on any number nor do you need to install any other app on your mobile. Let’s know how to set up MyJio App Se Caller Tune.

Step-1. First of all, install MyJio App on your mobile.

Step-2. After this click on the menu option on the top left side.

Step-3. Now all the options are visible, out of these select the option with Jio Tunes.

Step-4. Now the latest songs will start appearing in front of you, if you want, you can also search for your favorite song from the search bar shown above.

Step-5. Whatever Caller Tune you want to put, after searching for that song, select the option of Set as Jio Tune in front of the song.

Step-6. After this, the message of success will appear on your screen. And Caller Tune will be activated.


How to Deactivate Jio Caller Tune?

By now you must have learned to set caller tune in Jio sim and Jio phone, now we know how to deactivate the activated caller tune on our number.

There can be many reasons for deactivating the caller tune, if you also want to deactivate your caller tune, then send a message to 56789 by writing STOP from your Jio number. Your Jio Tune will be deactivated in no time. And the confirmation of its deactivation will be found on your number within 30 minutes.

NOTE – If you want to change the Jio tune of your Jio number (how to change the Jio caller tune). So for this, you can activate any hello tune of your choice. This will change your caller tune.

Is the Jio caller tune still free?

Yes, currently it absolutely free for Jio Customers.

How to Copy Someone’s Jio Caller Tune – YouTube?

Credit/Source: MAHAKAAL Channel


Now you must have known how to set Caller Tune in Jio, there will be a question in your mind that how long will this tune be on Jio Sim, then tell you that it will be active for a month, after that you have to click and run again. If you want, if you want to activate another song within a month, then you can do that too, so in this way you can enjoy Caller Tune in Jio Sim for free, for this you do not have to pay any money.

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