(5G) How to Increase Internet Speed in Jio, Airtel Dongle Easily in 2023?

How to Increase Internet Speed in Jio, Airtel Dongle in 2023: As we all know, Internet has become an essential resource for all of us in the present time. Nowadays Internet is being used by everyone from children to old age, as well as most people’s work is now being done through the Internet, but in such a situation, when you are doing some important work, and your internet speed is reduced in it, then you have to Have to face a big problem.

But today we will give you detailed information about how to increase internet speed through this article. Also, what are the necessary steps to increase the speed of the internet? We will also give information about them, so definitely read this article till the end.

How to Increase Internet Speed in Jio, Airtel Dongle Easily?

How to Increase Internet Speed in Jio, Airtel Dongle Easily in 2023?

At present, the facility of internet is also increasing very fast and every telecom company is also doing a lot of improvements to their network connectivity. But still, in today’s time, most people have a lot of problems regarding the speed of the internet, so let’s know how to increase internet speed.

1. Turn airplane mode on and off for 5 seconds:

Even if you turn the Airplane Mode on for 5 seconds and then turn it off on your mobile phone, the internet speed on your mobile can increase. By turning on Airplane Mode, if there is a technical fault in your Internet connectivity, then it gets fixed, and your Internet Speed ​​​​Increases.

2. Check Network Settings:

If you are having trouble running the Internet, and your Internet speed is not increasing, then in such a situation, you must check the network setting on your mobile phone once, in the network setting, you will see the option of a network signal. Which varies in 4G, 3G, and 2G. When the network signal changes, your internet speed is affected as well. So if you check and correct the network setting, then your internet speed increases.

3. Close Background Applications:

There are many such apps on mobile, which do data consumption even in the background. So even when mobile background applications keep running, your internet speed is affected a lot. Those applications also spend most of your internet. That’s why you turn off those background apps from the settings of the mobile. By doing this your mobile internet speed will also increase.

4. Restart your mobile:

Whenever Internet Speed ​​​​Slows in your mobile, then you must restart your mobile once, by doing this your mobile phone gets a second chance to connect to the Internet, and by doing this process, if your Internet technical problem occurs in connectivity. So she turns out to be right. By doing this your internet speed also improves to a great extent. Then you can enjoy a good internet speed.

5. Clear Cache Storage:

Whenever the Internet Speed ​​​​Slows in your mobile, then you must clear the Cache Data of your mobile browser once, because if the Cache Storage in your browser increases, then your internet speed also slows down. Is. So it is also very important to clear the cache storage from time to time.

6. Use Fast Browser on Mobile:

Friends, sometimes due to a problem with your browser, the speed of your internet also decreases. So you should use Fast Browser on your mobile phone if you use any other browser. So in that case your internet speed can also be slow due to browser problems, so you should use a good and super-fast web browser because some web pages are like this. Which are very large in size, so it is very important for you to have a superfast web browser to load those web pages.

We would recommend that you use Google Chrome on your mobile phone, using this you will see a good increase in your internet speed.

7. Free up RAM and internal memory of your mobile:

Whenever as much RAM and ROM of a device is used. The more the device runs slower it is. So if you want to increase the speed of the Internet on your device, then try to keep the RAM and internal memory in your phone as free as possible.

When your phone’s RAM is empty, then your phone will perform well, and in that case, your internet speed will also be boosted to a great extent.

8. Keep all mobile applications updated:

Internet speed works on the basis of all the applications present on the mobile. If you keep updating all the apps on your mobile from time to time, then, in that case, your internet speed can also be greatly improved. When you update the application of your mobile from time to time, many new update features are made available to you through those applications. With the help of those features, the web pages of the Internet also load very fast. So whenever you get a notification to update any application on your phone, do not ignore it and update that application immediately.

9. Do not use VPN:

There are many types of Virtual Private networks friends, and most people use VPNs to increase their Internet speed, but let us tell you for information, that you should never use VPN, because VPN Shows the location of the Internet in another country, and in such a situation, the network goes through the proxy of our country to the proxy of another country. Because of this, the network becomes slow. So if you want to keep the speed of your network good, then do not use a VPN at all.

10. Close Data Saver:

In today’s time, the option of Data Saver has been seen in all smartphones and also in the browser. But when you keep the data saver option on in your mobile phone or browser, then, in that case, your data is saved. But your internet speed becomes very slow. So if you want to use a fast internet speed. So turn off the data saver option in your phone or web browser, when you turn it off, you will see a great improvement in your internet speed.


What to do to speed up the internet?

Step 1. – Turn off the airplane mode by turning it on for 5 seconds
Step 2. – Check Network Settings
Step 3. – Close background applications
Step 4. – Restart your mobile
Step 5. – Clear Cache Storage

Detail information is given in the article

Easy Ways to Increase Jio Internet Speed?

To increase the speed of Jio internet, put Jio sim in the sim 1 slot on mobile.

How to set up the network?

Go to the network setting in the mobile and check which is your network signal, this network signal varies according to the network speed, then you select 4G on it.

How to check internet speed?

To check internet speed, you have to go to Fast.com in your browser. As soon as you reach it, it will be logging in for a while, then will tell you your internet speed.

How to Increase Internet Speed in Jio – Youtube?

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Final Words:

Friends, in today’s article, we have provided you with tips on how to increase internet speed and how to increase more than 15 internet speeds. We hope that you must have liked this article of ours today, and you must have gotten some help from today article. If you have any queries related to this article, then you must tell us by commenting below.

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