Google’s Contacts App Will Notify About Birthdays

There are many features and applications that Google offers to make our lives easier. It’s no secret that the market is full of various widgets and similar applications that the tech giant offers. So it really does put blood, sweat, and tears into improving its apps. The best proof of this is the Contacts app. It has received many updates recently. For example, users can add contacts from other Workspace apps on the web. Another update was the Highlights tab. The latter now has a new section that shows upcoming events, such as birthdays for saved contacts.

Contacts App Continually Gets Updated To Withstand Competition

You should have noticed the Highlights tab at the bottom of Google’s Contacts app. As the name suggests, it shows your favorite contacts, up to recently called or added numbers. According to 9to5Google, version 4.2 of the Contacts app includes a new section called “For You.” It shows cards with the birthdays of your saved contacts that are coming up in the next few days. There are quick action buttons to call them or send a text message to the contacts.

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Google Contacts app

We understand that there is some overlap with Assistant functions. But this is reasonable, as Google is trying to make the Contacts app a hub for information about everyone you know. Interestingly, you still can’t set birthday reminders for contacts in Google Calendar.

If you’ve checked the For You tab and don’t see your contacts’ birthdays, this could be because you haven’t saved any birthdays for them. It’s also possible that the update hasn’t reached your region yet. To check if it’s available for your device, visit Play Store and see if the Contacts app has been updated. Or you can choose another method to check whether the app has been updated or not.

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