Zoosk Online Dating Site & App Review 2022? Is Zoosk a Scam?

Zoosk Online Dating Site & App Review 2022: Hi, welcome to techviral4u your resource for online dating by the numbers today I’m going to be reviewing the huge online dating site. Zoosk a common question we get online for love always get is asking if Zoosk is actually legit or if it’s a scam so in this article.

Zoosk Online Dating Site & App Review 2022? Is Zoosk a Scam?

I’m going to focus on all the pros and cons of Zoosk to help you make your decision as to whether you think Zoosk is worth it or not it ranks high among the top dating apps because of its unique search and filter features along with its incredible mobile app which makes it a top favorite among online users. so I’m going to break down the Zoosk review into five sections the user base, the user-friendliness, the features, the success rate, and the cost of Zoosk.

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    Zoosk Online Dating Site User Base?

    let’s get into the first category of this Zoosk breakdown and we’re going to talk about the demographics of the Zoosk users so because Zoosk is ranked number 283 on the united states websites it’s really good because anything within the top 1000 generates a huge amount of website traffic. (Zoosk Online Dating Site)

    • Best for: Anyone looking for a long-term relationship
    • Number of members: 40 million
    • Recommended age: 25-45
    • Gender breakdown: 52% female, 48% male
    • Who’s on Zoosk?: Mainstream dating, LGBT-friendly with a wide range of ethnicities, religions, and backgrounds
    • Favorite features: Zoosk Great Dates, Behavioral matchmaking, dating insights reports, 

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    The most critical factor when it comes to any dating website’s success is the number of users that it has and Zoosk is really good on this front the website receives approximately 25.5 million visits per month with the average visit duration being six minutes that’s better than most another dating websites where the average visit duration is around three to four minutes because the gender distribution is pretty equal at 54 male users and 46 female users that’s really great because it makes and pretty even playing field.

    (Zoosk Online Dating Site) When it comes to finding a Match the average age group of 25 to 34 is actually pretty standard among most dating apps and Zoosk is no different because that is the age demographic it usually has people will have the most success from Zoosk if they are in the united states Canada or the UK actually 63 of all the users on Zoosk are from us Zoosk gets an easy passing grade when it comes to the number of people on its platform because of its high traffic amount you’re pretty likely to find what you’re looking for with this.

    How to Zoosk Login?

    The signup form is right at the top of Zoosk.com, which is super accessible, and received an A+ from me, someone who doesn’t like to search for things, and a former project manager who appreciates quality site designs. (Zoosk Login)

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    You can sign up for Zoosk in under a minute, which is pretty quick compared to other dating sites and apps. At any time, you can go back and spend more time filling out additional details about yourself if you want a more thorough profile and better search results. The initial process is simple:

    1. Zoosk will ask you for some basic info (name, email address, birthday)
    2. Then, you’ll need to put in your location
    3. Next, upload a photo; you can do this from your desktop or a Facebook/G+ account
    4. Add some more personal details like your body type, ethnicity, and level of education
    5. Once you’ve confirmed your account via email, you’re ready to start (Zoosk Login)

    Zoosk User Friendliness?

    let’s talk about number two the usability of Zoosk App. The usability of Zoosk also gets an easy passing grade the great thing is that Zoosk was the first website dating website rather to really focus on the mobile version of dating rather than the website version. (Zoosk Online Dating Site)

    Zoosk has a fantastic app for both iPhone and android pretty immaculate it’s not too cluttered like some other dating apps and it’s just really easy and simple to use it’s a no-brainer to move between sections on Zoosk to update your profile to check out other people’s profiles to use their swiping capabilities everything is just so simple to use there’s actually not much to say because there’s not much wrong with this.

    Zoosk Cost?

    (Zoosk Reviews 2022) The cost of Zoosk so there is a free version of the Zoosk App just like a lot of other dating websites so you can actually sign up and use a lot of features for free with the free account you can access the ability to see all the other members in your area on Zoosk but the problem comes in when it comes to communication for that you actually pretty much do have to spend some money.

    DurationPrice Per MonthPrice Per Year
    1 Month$29.95$359.40
    3 Month$19.98$59.95
    6 Month$12.49$74.95
    12 Month$12.49$149.88

    So here are the current subscription prices for Zoosk the basic account is free of course a one-month subscription will cost you 29.99 per month a three-month subscription will cost you twenty dollars per month or sixty dollars total a six-month subscription plan will cost you twelve dollars and fifty cents per month or seventy-five dollars total a twelve-month subscription plan will cost you also twelve dollars fifty per month or a hundred fifty dollars total one thing to note is that you will actually need to pay your whole subscription upfront rather than a month-to-month basis as I mentioned earlier. (Zoosk Reviews 2022)

    Zoosk coins are an optional form of currency on the Zoosk App platform for twenty dollars you will receive a hundred eighty Zoosk coins for forty dollars you will receive four hundred eighty Zoosk coins and for one hundred dollars you willreceive one thousand eight hundred Zoosk coins could be worth it but i would hold off on buying the most expensive uh coin package until you know how it works for you because the main thing you use the coins for are the boost benefits.

    (Zoosk Reviews 2022) So see if itWorks then buy big some of our online for love readers think that Zoosk coins are actually scammed because of their high prices I don’t think they’re Scam I just think the prices are just a little bit exorbitant for what you get out of them the paid subscriptions, however, are probably worth it with the paid subscriptions you can send messages to people search and filter and receive matches from their matchmaking algorithm for long-term relationships these features from your subscriptions will definitely yield the best value for you.

    Zoosk Features?

    Now let’s move on to the third thing in my breakdown of the Zoosk App and I’m going to talk about the features of Zoosk the primary feature of Zoosk because their behavioral matchmaking algorithm delivers matches based on your basic information like your likes your dislikes and the personality traits that you enter when you fill out their questionnaire although the behavioral matching system is not quite as sophisticated as maybe some of the other dating apps like harmony.

    Zoosk Matches Filters?

    (Zoosk Reviews 2022) For example, it is still really really good and I was pretty satisfied with the matches that they were presenting me with Zoosk has a robust set of search and filter features as well you can search by location age sex physical attributes and a lot more search filter functions are very helpful and they really help to narrow down the type of person you’re looking, for now, they’re not as uh plentiful I guess as a match comes match has like an endless amount of filter features but maybe uh less is more so they do have a really good amount just the way it is on Zoosk and honestly it’s really sufficient in producing the type of person that you’re looking for Zoosk also implements a lot of safety and anti-spam technology into their app.

    Zoosk Phone Verification?

    You have the option to verify your identity using either your phone number a photo of you or your Twitter account it’s really straightforward to undergo the verification process and it’s actually really really helpful and I wish that more dating sites had this because once you are verified it just helps you indefinitely because people know that you’re not a robot or some spam bot or something so yeah it’s just a really helpful feature I thought was pretty awesome somehow still there were tons of fake profiles even though they do have the verification process.

    (Zoosk Reviews 2022) You can choose to go through so uh yeah there were a lot of fake profiles sadly and spam accounts on there um but they do stick out like a sore thumb so you can spot them quite easily but again i mean i review dating apps so maybe it’s easy for me to spot them but i’d be concerned about other people who aren’t so used to seeing them maybe it could be harder for other people who aren’t so internet savvy. (Zoosk App)

    Zoosk Premium Features?

    Zoosk also does have some premium features that you can only use when you uh purchase Zoosk coins now we’ll talk about the price of those coins later on in the video the biggest function of using Zoosk coins is to give your profile a boost which boosts your profile to the top of all the other ones so that you get plenty more matches and people who will actually see your profile with 150 coins that will get you 75 boosts.

    Zoosk Carousel Features?

    Zoosk also has a feature called carousel it’s very similar to just swipe on tinder it’s basically where you do just that you swipe yes or no like hot or not kinda the biggest difference between Zoosk carousel and something like Tinder or other dating apps that have the swipe feature is that in Zoosk you can actually choose to press maybe instead of just yes or no so that’s kind of cool boosting on Zoosk will help show your profile to a lot more people on the carousel overall I would say that Zoosk App does have a pretty solid set of features and some really unique ones as well.

    Zoosk Success Rate?

    Now let’s move on to number four the success rate of Zoosk just like any other dating website having success on Zoosk depends on a number of factors the most significant factor that plays a hand in your success on any dating app is your profile luckily us here online for love have made the online dating profile ultimate guide for men and women so it’ll talk to you about the best ways to set up your profile your descriptions your photos all of that and it’s actually super handy when it comes to setting up your profile because it can be kind of daunting.

    Online dating profile guide as I mentioned earlier Zoosk App does have that Verification process so if you verify yourself on there that will help your success indefinitely so definitely verify yourself also Zoosk does have that magical matchmaking algorithm that is so helpful so if you do give it a bit of time it can really produce the matches that would be suited best for you.

    Zoosk History?

    Zoosk has been in this business for over 12 years and does have a strong reputation for building plenty of love stories actually you can find a lot of them on their website there are lots of success stories for Zoosk, unfortunately, zoosk doesn’t readily give out specific statistics about its success rate.

    So all you can go off of is the high amount of users the success stories that you read and all the anecdotal evidence really so from what I can see online when it comes to how many success stories Zoosk has and from the number of users it has the demographic the how long it’s been in the game I would say that Zoosk does have a pretty high success rate.


    Is Zoosk a Scam?

    Zoosk is legit. It might not be as feature-rich of an online dating site as something like eHarmony, but it has a ton of members, some great matching tools, and a track record of helping connect people.

    What is Zoosk?

    Zoosk is a top-rated dating site and app with tons of chat and matching features, and it can help people build friendships, romances, and relationships on the fly. Still, even though it’s been around a long time, not everyone knows how Zoosk works, if it’s legit, and what its membership base is like.

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