Semrush Free Trial (Try Pro or Guru Account Free for 30 Days): Fair Semrush Review 2022

Semrush SEO Tool

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We started using the Semrush tool in January 2021. Since then, it became the go-to tool for all our SEO needs. It’s also a popular SEO toolkit that is used by more than 7 million people worldwide. (Semrush Review 2022) If you’re looking for an all-in-one SEO toolkit that offers over 45 SEO tools, you should definitely try Semrush Review.

If you want to increase your search engine traffic, it’s not only important to get as much information regarding your site keywords but you also want to gather your competitor’s keywords. Here’s where having access to an SEO toolkit like Semrush helps. So in this detailed Semrush review 2022, let’s talk about what is it, how it helps, its features, pros, cons, and so on.


What is Semrush and What Exactly Does It Do?

Semrush is a competitor’s keyword research tool used for keyword research, backlink analysis, SEO audits, and a lot more. With this tool, we can easily find highly profitable keywords for any niche.

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Semrush could be a high-notch search engine marketing selling tool aimed at serving bloggers and marketers of all levels. you’ll be able to conjointly check your competitor’s traffic victimization with this tool.

Semrush Free Trial (Try Pro or Guru Account Free for 30 Days): Fair Semrush Review 2022

In short, Semrush is the best tool to spy on your competition. It estimates their current website traffic, high keywords, backlinks, and heap a lot of. Semrush isn’t solely useful for competition keyword analysis however conjointly an in-depth summary of organic analysis, search positions, backlinks, and advertising analysis. (Semrush Review 2022)

Semrush is beyond any doubt one of the higher SEO tools suggested by SEO specialists and I use it in a common place to research my rankings and keyword positions. It’s conjointly the simplest tool for keyword analysis in line with SEO & Blogging specialists.

The best news for Indian bloggers is that Semrush launched its Indian info recently. antecedently the Indian info and keyword results weren’t there. From now, all Indian users will get have the benefit of this feature to seek out the foremost profitable keywords and analyze their competitors.

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Who should go for the Semrush Guru account?

Are you wondering why should you go for the Semrush Guru account instead of the Pro account from Semrush?

Here are a few reasons.

You’ll get exclusive access to Historical data: With the Semrush Guru account, you’ll not solely get live analytical information but can also explore all the Semrush information archives, that return as so much as January 2012. therefore if you’re office or associate SEO-skilled World Health Organization needs to take care of historical information, the Semrush Guru account is for you!

Access to the multi-targeted following: does one wish to watch your online activities and presence with precise targeting which has multitargeted tracking like location, device, and language? Semrush Guru account offers you access to that! meaning, you’ll simply track any website’s search visibility across multiple devices and locations in one campaign.

Extended limits: clearly, you’ll get all the options from Semrush professional account once you’re on Semrush Guru. Besides that, you’ll additionally get extended limits that embrace the subsequent. (Semrush Review 2022)

  • Schedule PDF Reports: 20 (including branded PDFs)
  • Projects: 15
  • Domain & Keyword Analytics: 30,000 results per report (which means 5000 reports per day)
  • Position Tracking: 1500 keywords (which are updated daily)
  • Site Audit: 300,000 pages per month
  • Social Media profiles: track 100 and you can post up to 30 social media profiles
  • On-Page SEO Checker: Where you’ll get recommendations for 800 keyword units per month

So what are you waiting for?

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Now, let’s talk about the most detailed Semrush review to give you an idea about how it helps to spy on your competition and find the best keywords to increase your traffic.

How to do Keyword Research with Semrush Tool – YouTube?

Credit/Source: Semrush Channel

In-depth Best Semrush Review 2022

Without further ado, here’s the Semrush Fair guide for 2022 with a 30-day free trial.

Using Semrush for competitors analysis

One of the most important reasons most bloggers use Semrush is to try and do competitor analysis. Your competitors already spy on you if you’re playing well for a few keywords on Google. currently, it’s time for you to spy on them too!

If you wish to seek out the simplest playing keywords that drive the majority of the search traffic to your competitor’s websites, use Semrush. competition analysis is the single biggest success issue that produces a large distinction between a fortunate diary and a standard diary. (Semrush Review 2022)

By knowing the weaknesses and strengths of your potential competitors, you’ll be able to higher perceive a way to contend with them strategically. this is often wherever Semrush professional account helps you are doing thorough competition analysis.

Here’s the organic search traffic keyword report for This tool not solely provides you with in-depth data on the number of keywords they use, however it shows the calculable traffic that it gets daily.

Similarly, you can enter any of the competitor’s website URLs to find out their current website traffic. Most of the time, Semrush gives you accurate traffic information that a website gets. Because it updates its databases very frequently, so you will get fresh data every single time. (Semrush Review 2022)

Finding question keywords using Keyword Magic Tool

One of the easiest ways to get targeted visitors from search engines like Google to your site is to use “question keywords”.

Guess what? Semrush already has an amazing tool called Keyword Magic to find question keywords.

What are question keywords?

Question keywords are those keywords where searchers use “question-based phrases” to find information on search engines like Google.

Have a look at the following example of question keywords to understand better.

As you can see, Google is directly providing featured snippet answers for the question-based phrase.

Few examples of question-based keywords for various niches:

  • If you’re in the real estate industry: “how to become a real estate agent”
  • If you’re in the fitness industry: “what’s the best weight-to-age ratio”
  • If you’re into the SEO industry: “what’s the optimal bounce rate for a website?”

Did you get the point?

By providing thoughtful and most helpful answers to laborious queries, higher than anyone else as well as your competitors on the SERP, you position yourself as an associate degree skill that your website audience will trust. Here’s wherever question keywords get played. (Semrush Review 2022)

Here are a few benefits of finding and targeting question keywords within your content

  • They help you easily get featured snippets (because you’re answering specific questions and Google loves it).
  • They easily help you get top rankings (even if there’s competition).
  • They can send you highly targeted visitors from search.
  • They convert really better.

Now that you know the importance of using question keywords, let’s talk about the most important thing: how to find them.

How to find question keywords using the Semrush keyword magic tool?

Although you’ll use sites like Quora, Answer the general public, etc to seek out question keywords however they’re not extremely correct and don’t provide you with abundant search metrics (such as range of monthly searches, connected keywords, competition, CPC price for the keyword and then on).

Here’s wherever the Semrush keyword magic tool comes into play and extremely helps you with all of these things.

Here however you’ll use the Semrush keyword magic tool to seek out question-based mostly keywords extremely quickly spite of what trade you’re in. (Semrush Review 2022)

Go to the Keyword Magic tool from Semrush (grab a 30-day free trial to be able to use it) and enter a keyword. On the right side, you’ll notice the ‘Questions’ button.

Click on it and check the list of questions that contain your targeted primary seed keyword. Here’s what it looks like;

As you’ll be able to see from the on top of, will|you’ll|you’ll be able to} notice a lot of extremely relevant questions based mostly keywords that you just can use inside your content to return up with a lot of diary post concepts.

You can conjointly notice monthly search volume, trend, KD (keyword difficulty) then on to simply take your question keywords exploitation Keyword Magic tool. (Semrush Review 2022)

If you’re questioning what KD is all regarding, allow us to justify shortly.

KD means that the Keyword problem in Semrush that helps you simply notice keywords with less competition. KD may be a score given from zero to one hundred on Semrush (where one hundred is the toughest to rank for and zero is the easiest).

To put it in a nutshell, Keyword Magic Tool helps you do all the following things easily

  • You can get over 20 billion keyword ideas.
  • You can use Keyword Grouping to segment your keywords by topic.
  • You can easily pick the best keywords and save them in Keyword Analyzer.
  • You can export your selected keywords to other Semrush tools.
  • Above all, you can easily create up to 50 target keyword lists using the keyword magic tool.

A quick tip: While doing keyword research with Semrush, do not select the keywords with a search volume of more than 1000 per month, as they require a lot of effort to get the required traffic for your site. Choose the keywords between 500 to 1000 per month search volume (or even below) so you can get top 3 or at least first page rankings even if you have a new website.

Few important metrics for competitor analysis using Semrush

Here are a few important elements you should know about while doing competitor research and content analysis of your competitor websites using Semrush.

Keyword: These are the keywords that your competitor site is ranking for

Posi: This is the keyword position to which the website is featured in the search engines like Google and it will be completely different based on the geographical location set at the beginning of the process (which also changes from time to time according to keyword positions).

Volume: This is the number of searches for this specific keyword per month

CPC: This is the average cost per click for the specific keyword (to easily find out the value of a particular keyword)

URL: This is the corresponding URL to which that keyword is driving traffic

Com: It shows the level of competition of the advertisers competing for this keyword (make sure you focus on picking keywords with a low number because a lower number means that the term is easier to rank for)

Trend: This shows the overall searching pattern for this keyword, over the past 12 months.

Results: This is the number of search engine results (lower results are better again)

Find the Highest Traffic Competitors’ Keywords

You can use this tool to seek out the foremost activity keywords for any of your challenger web site. this can be extremely fascinating. therefore currently you recognize that keywords area unit transferral the key traffic to your challenger websites. (Semrush Review 2022)

It’s an excellent plan to check a number of your challenger websites exploitation Semrush associated publish their prime activity keywords in a surpass. Then you’ll be able to use these keywords in your future content.

This is your probability to require your website traffic to the next level. whereas the exploitation of this method, you’ll find yourself beating all of your competitors in search rankings if you’re sensible at making prime quality content.

Sharing a screenshot showing the highest traffic keywords for From the below screen you’ll be able to clearly see the proportion of traffic that area unit is driven by these keywords. Semrush has the information of 22k and organic keywords for this domain. therefore you’ll be able to simply realize all activity keywords for any of your challengers’ exploitation of this SEO tool. (Semrush Review 2022)

Using Semrush for keyword research

Using Semrush, you can find the best performing and unused keywords for your blogs to increase your search traffic.

Are you struggling to find the best keywords to increase your overall website search traffic? Fret not, Semrush can help you find the most profitable keywords in any niche. It doesn’t matter whether you want to find better keywords for PPC ads, AdWords, Bing Ads, or simply for your own blog content, Semrush is the right keyword research tool. (Semrush Review 2022)

Just enter any keyword related to your blog’s topic and Semrush gives you the most accurate data about the keyword you enter. In the above screenshot, you can see the volume of the keyword along with the CPC distribution and trend for the blogging tips keyword.

With these details, you can easily decide whether the keywords you enter are a perfect match for your site or not. Not only that, but Semrush also gives you a list of all the Phrase Match keywordsquestion-based keywords, and related keywords that you can use to increase your blog traffic. See the screenshot below to get a clear idea.

From the above screen, you can see this tool has 150 plus phrase match keywords and another 1990 plus keywords around blogging tips. So you can easily find the most profitable and useful keywords for your websites and blogs.

An important point to remember: Semrush updates its database daily and multiple times a day to give you accurate details about the keyword ranking positions and traffic of a website. Thus, it helps you find the latest report on keyword phrases for your targeted seed keywords list. (Semrush Free Trial)

Give a try to Semrush 30 days trial for free from here

Semrush backlink checker tool

Backlinks are the backbones of any site that get more organic traffic. If you have a new blog and want to increase your search traffic, tap more backlink opportunities to boost your traffic.

I’ve been using a lot of backlink checker tools online and let me tell you one thing: 90% of the backlink checkers online won’t give you accurate results (because most of them are free and are not updated frequently).

Whereas Semrush is an advanced marketing tool that helps you analyze the links of any website that you enter. It gives you accurate results and you can use that data to uncover the link-building strategies.

For instance, by knowing who is linking to your favorite blog or competitor’s website, you can reach out to them and ask them to link to your sites too (if you have valuable stuff, they will link to you!). (Semrush Review 2022)

Here’s where Semrush pro-free account comes in handy. When you enter any of your competitor’s website URLs in the backlink section on Semrush, it gives you the details of the Page Score (newly launched this feature), the titles of the backlinks, and URLs of the source along with all the additional details like Anchor text, External links and Internal links to the URL you enter.

Want to find out all the incoming links (including do-follow links) of your competitors? Just enter their domain and this tool gives you a list of all the data of total backlinks it has. (Semrush Free Trial)

It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to increase your organic traffic or analyzing your competitor’s website traffic, you need one important piece of data and that is backlink analysis. If you know how many links are pointing to a site, you will be able to easily create a perfect SEO strategy for your site to increase its rankings.

Performing backlink analysis is easy by using Semrush. It shows all the links in the do-follow and no-follow pie chart option to find out the number of quality backlinks of any site. (Semrush Free Trial)

It also shows you how many total backlinks a site has including the referring domains. This is a good metric when analyzing the backlinks of a site to boost your overall search traffic.

You can also uncover link-building opportunities from this backlink analysis report. I’ll explain to you here how.

Once you click on the Referring Domainsunder the Backlinks section on the Semrush dashboard, it will show you a list of all the Domains that are pointing to your competitors’ sites.

You simply have to email outreach to all the bloggers who are already linking to your competition (by providing them value).

(Semrush Free Trial) If you want to boost your search engine traffic and rankings for any keyword, you need backlinks. Link building is the only effective strategy that helps any website to rank higher in Google search results.

Once you have access to the full version of Semrush, you will be able to find all the link opportunities from competitor websites. You will be able to analyze the total number of links a site gets including the do-follow backlinks.

Once you find out who is linking to your competitors, you can use guest posts or blogger outreach strategies to start building backlinks for your sites.

You can uncover most of the link-building opportunities by using this tool. Most SEO experts are trying to take advantage of this tool to crush their competition. So it all depends on how you use this tool to your advantage.

After all, search engine traffic is all about finding the right link-building opportunities. Once you have the list of all the sites where you can get links, you will only see a huge improvement in your site’s organic traffic.

You can also use their Backlink Audit Tool which you can use to get rid of all the toxic links that may decrease your rankings. (Semrush Free Trial)

Here’s what the overview looks like;

As you can see above it’s showing our overall toxic score high which means, we can click on the “Toxic links” and use Google’s Disavow Tool to remove all the bad backlinks.

Using Semrush to Perform Full Site Audit

Who else wants to perform a full SEO audit of their websites? Whether you know it or not, by conducting a thorough SEO audit of your sites, you can find out all the loopholes of your sites and rectify them to increase your search traffic.

Again, there are a bunch of free SEO audit report tools available online that simply won’t work. They ask for your email address but won’t give you the accurate or enough information you want. Semrush Pro account helps you find all the major and minor issues your website has. (Semrush Free Trial)

By rectifying them, you are good to receive even more search traffic from the search engines.

Unfortunately, doing a site audit is a painful job and takes a lot of time and resources to conduct a full site audit. With Semrush, it’s not painful anymore.

Just enter your domain details and Semrush will take care of everything. You can overview every single detail of your blog including the top 3 issues, errors, and warnings that are causing your site.

Source: BloggersPassion

Click here to get a 30-day free version of the Semrush Pro account

Keyword Tracking/Position Tracking: Track Your Own & Competitor Rankings

Increasing SERP rankings is what most smart SEO experts do to increase their overall website traffic. Tracking your current search rankings is hard if you don’t have access to the right tools.

Don’t know how many of your keywords are currently ranking at the top of Google search results? Or are you finding it hard to track all your keyword positions? If yes, Semrush can help you track all of your keywords. It creates a list of all the keywords in one place and helps you check their positions whenever you logged into the Semrush pro account. (Semrush Pricing)

Using Semrush, you can track every keyword that drives traffic to your website including the traffic volumes and rank positions.

You can use Semrush to keep track of your keyword rankings on Google, Bing & Yahoo. You can also find keyword positioning in specific countries and devices (Desktop or mobile) of your interest.

For this, you have to enter the list of keywords you want to keep track of with the country of your interest and device type in Semrush. Once added you will get the keyword ranking report in your Semrush account as shown below:

You will get the updated keyword ranking report every 24 hours which can be exported in CSV and PDF format.

Semrush updates its keyword rank tracking databases every single day, so you’ll know the exact positions of your keyword rankings. Here’s the visibility trend for BloggersPassion in the last 7 days. Have a look at the below screenshot. (Semrush Pricing)

And below is the screenshot for Google featured snippets.

featured snippet action

Domain comparison

Domain comparison is basically comparing various domains at a time by showing the increase of links to a domain. It gives you a better idea of which domains are gaining up in Google search results and which ones are going down. You can compare 4 of your competitor domains for a quality check.

You can compare up to 5 domains using Semrush.

(Semrush Pricing) Use filters to sort data by specific keywords, position, volume, CPC, competition, and the number of search results. You can also export this data to XLS and CSV.

domain compare

As you can see above, we compared two sites which are Bloggers Passion and Authority Hacker and you can see Semrush is showing similar keywords with search volume and all the other important metrics one can keep an eye on. (Semrush Pricing)

Brand Monitoring Tool: Track Your Online Reputation

With the Semrush brand monitoring tool, you can track your online reputation. It is highly time-consuming to find mentions and may require hours of research. Monitoring your brand is crucial to every business and in the digital space, your brand mentions can affect your business.

With the new Brand Monitoring tool, you will automatically be notified of new mentions of your and your competitor’s brands and be able to analyze the results in one place. You can track all your brand, product or service mentions on the web and social media. (Semrush Pricing)

If you’re finding this Semrush post useful, why not give it a try to this SEO tool?

1. Keep track of online mentions

Surveys show that 70 percent of customers trust online reviews from other people over the information they learn from ads. So, monitoring your online reputation should be your top priority.

With this Brand Monitoring tool, You can keep track of online mentions and customer reviews of your and your competitors’ company, product, or service and also can estimate their potential reach in Social Media and various online communities. You can identify communities where people talk about you or your competitors.

2. Find new opportunities to promote your brand

If any popular blogger in your niche or even a regular customer mentions your brand then it impacts your business a lot more than conventional advertising.

(Semrush Pricing) Brand Monitoring tool allows you to get insights into how your competitors and industry leaders create such opportunities. You can adapt their best tactics by researching their past and current promotional activities. You will be able to find new channels for distributing your content without wasting your time and money on trial and error.

3. Track and manage backlinks

Finding mentions with backlinks helps you in growing your SEO rankings. You can compare yourself with your competitors in terms of backlinks. If you have backlinks from trusted and popular sources then Google recognizes that you are doing well and deserve higher rankings.

The Brand Monitoring tool helps you identify backlink sources that can serve as an effective marketing channel for promoting your brand.

This tool shows you where your brand – whether that’s your own name, or your business name is being mentioned around the internet and where your backlinks are coming from, and opportunities for you to act on them. (Semrush Pricing)

PPC Keyword Tool: Manage Your SEM Campaigns Effectively

Semrush PPC Keyword Tool gives users the ability to monitor, manage and implement all changes needed to their PPC campaigns. You can organize your keywords at the campaign and ad group level, set up effective negative keywords, and export all of your planned-out data seamlessly into your Adwords account.

Simply say, You can build a perfect keyword list for your PPC campaign.

1. You can collect keywords in different ways

You can import keywords from existing AdWords campaigns, .csv, .xls sheets* and .txt files. The interface of the PPC Keyword tool makes it easy to organize your keywords at the campaign and ad group levels.

You can import any existing campaigns you have on AdWords into the tool to manage both your new and existing campaigns in the same place. You can find related keywords and phrase matches and also merge keywords to build new keyword combinations.

2. Manage and optimize keyword lists

The advanced filters of the PPC Keyword Tool allow you to choose the best keywords based on CPC, volume, difficulty level, and other vital metrics. You can also filter by word to gather closer sub-groups of keywords. (Semrush Pricing)

ppc keyword ideas

The ‘Remove duplicates’ button will delete numerous duplicates in your list. The ‘word count filter’ allows you to search for long-tail keywords and generic phrases. So that, you can create separate ad groups for long-tail keywords and generic keywords. The tool also helps to remove special characters and unnecessary figures.

You can add negative keywords at the group level or campaign level. Negative Keywords are keywords that can be added to your campaign to tell Google not to show your ads when searched.

3. Say no to cross-negatives

Most PPC marketers make one mistake during their campaigns, they set up ad groups with broad match keywords that inadvertently trigger the wrong ad on the results page. If you have similar broad match keywords in different ad groups, you may expect one ad to show, but Google shows another ad instead.

By using the ‘Cross-group negatives’ function in this tool, you can avoid any crossover between groups and optimize your campaign. When you manage big campaigns, this ‘Cross-group negatives’ button will save you time. It helps you stay on budget and avoid competition among your own ads.

4. Polish your keyword list with recommendations

Sometimes you might overlook duplicates, negatives, or unnecessary elements in your keyword list and the ‘Recommendations’ feature allows you to bring your campaign to perfection.

Always execute the recommendations in the same order they are given. ‘Recommendations’ menu features a few quick links to optimize your campaign. From here you can “clean” your keywords, apply cross-group negatives and remove any empty groups.

(Semrush Pricing) If you have imported a campaign from AdWords and are looking to improve the efficiency of your ad groups and ads then this helps a lot.

Reverse engineering top-performing content for better results

With Semrush you can intelligently reverse engineer the social media techniques that are working for others. Collect your master list of competitor domains and start plugging them into the tool, one by one. To analyze the entire domain, remove “HTTPS://” from the URL and enter.

Analyze what exactly you want to reverse engineer. Is it their organic rankings or backlink profile or their paid advertising campaign? Whatever it is, you can use the sidebar navigation to dive into that specific set of data and analyze each point.

Detailed competitor analysis

Perform deep organic research

With this tool, you can perform deep, organic research. Click “Organic Research” in the sidebar and it will take you straight to the “Positions” analysis. By default, it shows US-specific data but you can change it to your country area. Once you set that, analyze Organic Traffic Estimates. (Semrush Pricing)

Spy on your competitor’s traffic stats

After setting the above, you will see the Organic Traffic Estimates analysis which gives you an idea of both a website’s organic traffic volume and the trend of that traffic over time.

organic research report

You can look at a site’s overall traffic statistics too. Just click “Traffic Analytics” in the sidebar.

You will get a complete breakdown of how traffic flows through a given competitor’s site. (Semrush Tool)

traffic analytics semrush

If you want to try their Traffic Analytics, use the following link.

Click on this SPECIAL link to grab your 14-day free trial of the tool (worth $319.95)

Remember, Semrush doesn’t include mobile traffic stats, only desktop. It is just an estimate based on keyword search volumes, organic rankings, and average click-through rates.

Find keyword competition

Now, return to the Organic Research tab. The ‘Organic Search Positions’ feature shows you all the keywords any domain or specific page is ranking for, allowing you to reverse-engineer their best-performing keywords. (Semrush Tool)

positions organic

Semrush will sort these results by ‘Traffic %’, or the keywords that are estimated to bring in the most traffic and it is the most effective way to uncover sites’ most valuable keywords. You can pick out the best-performing keywords.

Assess SERP competition strength

The “Position Changes” analysis shows you changes in organic rankings for any domain or URL. You can check the top 100 organic search results for New keywords, Lost keywords, Improved keywords, and Declined keywords. And you can filter out results based on either of those categories. (Semrush Tool)

new lost keywords

If you are only interested in keywords that are performing well then narrow it down to the “New” and “Improved” filters. It allows you to identify tons of long-tail keywords that your competitors are ranking for, as well as keywords that are climbing in the SERPs.

PLA research

PLA (Product Listing Ads) reveals your competitor’s ads information including the list of keywords, titles, CPC, cost, and paid traffic. This will help you find out the advertising and paid ad strategies used by your competitors to increase their website traffic and sales. (Semrush Tool)

If you are wondering what are PLA ads, here’s a simple explanation.

PLA ads are basically cost-per-click ads (CPC) that most online marketers and eCommerce sites buy through Google AdWords to increase their search traffic. These are usually paid ads designed to increase search traffic.

Semrush promo code offer helps you find the right PLA ads without wasting your time. You can simply analyze the top-performing CPC ads of your current competitors.

Advertising Analysis Tools

If you want to check the advertising positions of your competitors, this feature is for you.

(Semrush Tool) You can also perform the advertising analysis of your competitors to know their paid strategies. This is similar to the above-mentioned PLA research.

You can spy on your competitor’s AdWords ads and you can tweak their ad titles, body text, etc to get the attention of your potential buyers using the “Advertising analysis” feature on Semrush.

Semrush Pricing Options

Tip: Click here to get your Semrush promo code or Semrush discount 2022. It will help you get a Semrush Pro account for free for the next 30 days. You don’t have to pay a penny. (Semrush Tool)

Semrush offers 3 pricing options:

  1. Pro starts at $119.95 monthly
  2. Guru starts at $229.95 monthly
  3. Business starts at $449.95 monthly

Semrush Pro Account Features:

  • Results per report: 10,000
  • Reports per day: 3,000
  • Projects: 5
  • Keywords to track: 500
  • Pages to crawl: 100,000

Semrush Guru Account Features:

  • Results per report: 30,000
  • Reports per day: 5,000
  • Projects: 15
  • Keywords to track: 1500
  • Pages to crawl: 300,000

Semrush Business Account Features:

  • Results per report: 50,000
  • Reports per day: 10,000
  • Projects: 40
  • Keywords to track: 5000
  • Pages to crawl: 10,00,000

Click here to get a 30-day free account of the Semrush Pro account

If you love this Semrush post, make sure to grab the 30-day free version. So what are you waiting for?

Click here to Try Semrush Guru account for Free for the next 30 Days worth $229.95.

How to Save Some Money on Semrush Purchase

If you are convinced, that Semrush is the only tool you need to take your website search traffic to the next level, you can save some money by purchasing any Semrush account in advance for the next 12 months. (Semrush Tool)

  • Pro Account for 12 Months: Pay $99.95/mo
  • Guru Account for 12 Months: Pay $191.62/mo
  • Business Account for 12 Months: Pay $374.95/mo

All in all, if you are searching for an SEO tool that helps you in every regard of SEO, try Semrush. I have been using this tool for some time now and I already got some pretty good results. (Semrush Tool)

How to effectively use the Semrush competitor research tool to increase your website’s traffic?

Do you want to know how to use Semrush more effectively? Use the following tips and you can easily find ways to increase your overall site’s traffic.

  • Find a competitor website in your industry that is getting a ton of traffic (especially from search engines)
  • Analyze your competitor domain in the Organic Research Tool using Semrush
  • Check their traffic and Keywords Trend
  • Find out the number of backlinks (find out the sources of the backlinks so you can use different link-building strategies to acquire those links)
  • Make sure to also check out the Pages section, and filter the URL for which the competitor domain is ranking for
  • In the Page section, you can simply click on the keywords to come up with a BIG list of keyword ideas (including long-tail keywords) for which the site is ranking.

So what are you still waiting for?

Grab your 30-day free Semrush Pro account (worth $119.95)

A quick tip: Make sure to keep an eye on the website trends graph and if the graph is declining, then it means that they are not monitoring their lost backlinks. So you now have the chance to act upon them to outrank in search results by acquiring such links (through guest posting, email outreach, skyscraper technique, etc).

Pros and Cons of Semrush Competitor Analysis Tool

Most of the Semrush reviews that you find on Google search don’t actually cover its pros and cons. So let’s cover them as well.

Pros of Semrush:

  • It’s an all-in-one SEO tool (you can save a ton of money just by using this one tool, you don’t need access to other premium tools like SpyFu, Ahrefs, Moz, Long Tail Pro, etc)
  • Provides you with accurate KEYWORD volume data
  • Finding high potential keywords is really easy (as they have accurate data)
  • Want to know how good or bad a website is performing on Google? Simply use their site audit tool and you’ll get all the site issues
  • SEMrush has the largest database in the world and it gets frequently updated
  • SEMrush is widely used (over 7 million people use it)
  • You can easily find and estimate the traffic of any site
  • You can easily find profitable keywords
  • You can track your keyword rankings
  • It can also be used to perform site audits to find and fix your site’s technical and SEO-related issues
  • Competitor research is incredible
  • Offer excellent SEO reports (including white label reports)

Cons of Semrush:

  • You need some time to get used to it. Although their interface is easy to use you need to watch some of their training videos or read some tutorials to get a good feel of it.

Do we recommend the Semrush SEO Tool?

Absolutely yes, we recommend Semrush .

If you’re going through this detailed review, you might already have fallen in love with Semrush. It’s perfect for people who want to crush their competitors and dominate Google SERPs.

Don’t use it if you want quick results. After all, SEO is a long-term game, not a sprint.

So make sure to first grab the tool FREE for 30 days, start using it seriously and if you get good results, go ahead and grab their account.

FAQs About Semrush SEO Tool And Semrush Trial Accounts

Here are a few essential questions and answers you must know about Semrush review 2022 along with the Semrush free account that you get from Techviral4u.

How can I get Semrush free trial?

Semrush trial allows you to try it for 7 days but Techviral4u is tied up with Semrush to provide you exclusive Semrush free 30 days trial.

What can I do with a Semrush free account?

If you’re wondering about what features you get with a free account from Semrush, it gives everything just like a usual premium monthly plan. That means from keyword research to competitor analysis to backlinks, you can use Semrush free version to do whatever you want until your trial period expires.

Can I do a domain comparison using Semrush?

Yes, you can easily do side-by-side domain comparisons using Semrush in the Domain Vs Domain feature where you can enter any two or more of the domains to compare and Semrush will immediately fetch all the essential details that you need to analyze your competitors in one place.

What does Semrush do exactly?

Semrush is mainly used as a competitor research tool and it can also be used as an all-in-one SEO toolkit where you can easily do all the following things.

 Keyword research
 Site audits
 Keyword rank tracking
 Backlink analysis
 Site positioning
 Content creation ideas
 Competitive analysis
 Semrush gets regularly updates its databases to give you accurate and fresh data
 PLA (Product Listing Ads) reveals your competitor’s ads information
 Advertising analysis tools (to find the best performing ads)
 Domain comparison and the list goes on

What are the alternatives to Semrush for keyword research?

Although Semrush is an incredible tool for finding profitable keywords if you’re also looking for the best Semrush alternatives especially for doing keyword research, we recommend you to check out the following tools.

 KW Finder
 Long Tail Platinum Cloud
 Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

Is Semrush worth paying for?

Yes, Semrush is a premium tool and starting plan costs you $119.95 per month. Although it sounds like an expensive tool, especially for the beginners who haven’t tried the tool yet but trust me we have been using Semrush for over 6 years now and we know it’s worth every single penny.

How much does Semrush cost?

Semrush currently offers 3 pricing plans for monthly subscriptions which are; Pro for $119.95, Guru for $229.95, and Business starting at $399.95. All three plans are recurring subscriptions which means you will have to pay every single month until you cancel the account (and you can cancel your account at any time easily).

Final Thoughts

If you want to spy on competitors and find their advertising strategies, best-performing keywords that bring them traffic and the sources of their backlinks, etc. get your hands on Semrush and you won’t regret it.

Review Overview

  • Semrush is the MOST popular SEO toolkit used by over 7 million people worldwide. It offers over 45 tools including keyword research, site audits, competitor analysis, PPC research, and so on. You can also the following link to grab their 30-day free trial (worth $119.95/mo).

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