Eicher Company Owner? Eicher Company Belongs to Which Country?

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Friends, you must have heard the name of Eicher, this company is also known as Eicher Motor, you must have seen it on many commercial vehicles like trucks, tractors, and buses. Eicher is a very famous motor company in India that manufactures trucks, tractors, buses, and many commercial vehicles.

Who is Eicher Company Owner?

Eicher Company Owner?

The Founder of the Eicher company was Vikram Lal, Vikram Lal has also been a member of the Board of Directors of Doon School, It is said that the business of Eicher was started by Vikram Lal’s father.

Then Vikram Lal took over the charge of the company, then he founded Eicher Motor. His name is taken in the list of big businessmen. Now, this company is being handled by his son Siddharth Lal, currently, the CEO of Eicher company is Siddharth Lal.

Siddharth Lal joined Eicher in the year 2009, at that time Siddharth used to work in Tractor Division, now he has many assignments like MD in Eicher Motor, Director in Eicher Good Earth Limited, Chairman in VE Commercial Vehicle, Eicher Director at Good Earth Holdings, Director at Eicher Investments.

About Eicher Motors?

HeadquarterNew Delhi
FounderLate Vikram Lal
CEOSiddharth Lal
Total Assets10,667 Crores

Eicher Company Belongs to Which Country?

Eicher is a company of India, Eicher was started in 1948, a year after the country’s independence, then this company was known as Good Earth Company, at that time this company used to do service and distribution of necessary tractors.

In the year 1959, Germany’s tractor manufacturing company Eicher Tractor along with Good Earth Company established Eicher Tractor Corporation of India Private Limited in India.

Eicher signed an agreement in 1982 with the Japanese company Mitsubishi in which Eicher was to manufacture Light Commercial Vehicles for Mitsubishi, after signing this deal Eicher Tractors changed to Eicher Motor Limited.

When was Eicher Founded?

Eicher Company was founded in 1948 by Vikram Lal.

Tractor of Eicher Company?

Friends, India is an agricultural country. And in almost all the areas of India, less and more farming is done. And a tractor is needed for farming in India. And in such a situation, I would like to tell you that Eicher Company is very ahead in the matter of this tractor. By the way, one-to-one tractor manufacturing companies exist in India. But Eicher Company’s tractor is used in large quantities in everything from farming to washing of goods.

And now a very large number of tractors are also being produced by Eicher Company. Now even a small tractor of Eiser Company has come in the market. Nowadays many small farmers are buying small tractors from Eicher Company. Due to this their farming has become easy. Not only this, Eicher Company’s rotavator and Eicher Company’s largest tractor are also available in the market. This Eicher Company, which has passed, is now also working on making other products.

Is Royal Enfield Company a part of Eicher Company?

In the initial time, these two companies were separate and companies owned by the nation of Germany, but at present, this royal Enfield company is a part of Eicher Company and at present both are Indian companies.

History of Eicher Company?

Although Eicher is an Indian company, that started in India and works in India itself, its connection is related to Germany. Eicher was started in India in 1948, a year after the country’s independence, then this company was known as Good Earth Company.

At that time, this company used to do service and distribution imported tractors, in the year 1959, German tractor maker Eicher tractor established Eicher Tractor Corporation of India Private Limited in India in association with Good Earth Company.

At that time some shares of this company were with the German company and some shares were with the Indian company, but in the year 1965, all the shares of this company came to the Indians and this company became of India. Eicher’s shares had come to India, but the German company had also taken its share, in fact, the German company was separated from the Indian company, in India this company was known as Eicher, which was a German company.

He transformed himself into Massey Ferguson in 1970, thus establishing the Eicher company in India. Initially, Eicher used to manufacture tractors and parts related to it, it used to be the country’s leading tractor company. In 1982, Eicher signed an agreement with Japanese company Mitsubishi in which Eicher was to manufacture Light Commercial Vehicles for Mitsubishi.

After signing this deal, Eicher Tractor was changed to Eicher Motors Limited, the light commercial vehicles that Eicher made were sold under the brand name Eicher Mitsubishi. Eicher had now made a Light Commercial Vehicle and wanted to enter the truck market, Eicher Motors formed a new company, Volvo, to further its truck business, in which Eicher held a 50 percent stake at that time. The name of this company was Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicle (VECV). Volvo started the work of making it and Eicher started the work of distributing them and soon this company became increasingly popular in the Indian market.


Who is the CEO of Eicher Motors?

The CEO of Eicher Tractor Company is Siddharth Lal who is also the owner of the company and he has been working in this position since 1 May 2006.

Where is the headquarter of Eicher?

The headquarter of the company is in New Delhi, India.

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