e-scooter equipped with camera features and a range of 300kms to hit the market soon, will compete with Honda Activa Electric

Horwin Senmenti EV Scooty: Today, many things have begun to take on an electronic form, and as a result, vehicle manufacturers are also producing new features for their electronic scooters. In order to compete with businesses like Ola and Activa, which are available on the market with digital features and attractive design within a low budget, Horwin Senmenti Electronic Scooter has been introduced to the market. This electronic scooter will be your best option if you decide to purchase a new scooter in this circumstance because it also includes a camera as a safety feature.


Coming with ultra range

The Horwin Senmenti Electronic Scooter is a new product made with appealing design and cutting-edge technology. When fully charged, the bar has a range of 300 kilometers. If you want to buy a scooter for a long distance in such a circumstance, this scooter is offering a good range at a low cost when compared to other companies.

Equipped with unique features

This electronic scooter from the Horwin company uses unique digital and technical features, and as an added measure of security, it has a camera installed that can detect objects nearby. The Jai electronic scooter is the best scooter for long distance travel because it has a range of 300 km on a single charge. This companion can travel at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour over any distance.

Horwin Senmenti EV Scooty: Digital features

Modern technology was used to create this electronic scooter with unique digital features. In addition to an amazing electronic scooter, which uses more than 30 sensors for automatic detection, this scooter has more range lights than those made by other companies, allowing it to operate more actively at night.

Horwin Senmenti EV Scooty: With Affordable price

The cost of these electronic scooters has not yet been disclosed by the manufacturer, but experts estimate that it may be close to one lakh rupees. According to its digital features, the price of this scooter will be close to Rs. 115,000 when it is put on the road.

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