BrandPush Review 2023: Features & Pricing?

What is BrandPush? Could it at any point truly assist you with getting distributed on USA Today, Fox Network, MarketWatch, and different great giant? If indeed, what amount does it cost? What are the different principles?

These are a portion of the inquiries I’ll be responding to in this BrandPush Review.

On the off chance that you’re a digital advertiser, or even own a business, any business, I ensure this piece wouldn’t be a misuse of your time.

What is BrandPush?

BrandPush Review 2023?

BrandPush, as the name proposes, assists you with pushing your Brands.

It does that by aiding you “get your article/PR distributed on more than 275 news websites.”

“News websites” is the watchword here. That is on the grounds that these aren’t typical web journals or sites. Rather, these are the absolute most powerful sites on earth that have their own image esteem and aren’t simply restricted to SEO benefits.

As such, each request would get you at least 200 excellent backlinks, and that is “ensured”. Generally speaking, each request gets clients’ inclusion on more than 350 destinations!

Which websites can BrandPush get us Published On?

You can get published on these powerful websites:

  • Fox News
  • USA Today
  • Market Watch
  • Google News
  • Digital Journal
  • And 270+ other similar sites.

BrandPush “guarantees” publication on most of these websites. So you aren’t dependent on “luck” or “permission” for the most part.

What types of Articles are Accepted? 

Anyway, does this mean you can get absolutely everything distributed? By no means. These locales are really severe with what kind of happiness gets distributed to them.

Presently, BrandPush offers 2 unique organizations (site groups). The “Famous” pack contains around 200 sites. Be that as it may, it contains more grounded, more settled, and consequently stricter sites.

The “Alternative News Network” group offers 250+ websites. A portion of the significant locales from the “Famous” isn’t accessible in this one. In any case, that makes it not so severe but rather more tolerating to a more extensive scope of articles.

  • Alcohol
  • Dating
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Politics
  • Legal drugs
  • Supplements
  • Aesthetic surgery
  • Gambling
  • Underwear/Swimwear
  • And a few other exceptions

Obviously, the Alternative bundle has some limitations as well. In other words, the following post types can’t be published anywhere using Brandpush Review:

  • Negative Press (discrimination/insulting someone/something)
  • Weapons
  • Adult content

BrandPush Pricing & Plans?


Starter Package:

Price: $195 per release

  • This package is best suited for SEO specialists and experienced writers.
  • Your article will be featured on CBS, Fox, NBC, and USA Today stations, as well as Google News.
  • In addition, you’ll receive 200 news articles, an “As seen on” website Trust Badge, and a comprehensive report with live connections.

Plus Package:

Price: $229 per release

  • Influencers and small enterprises will benefit from this strategy.
  • A group of master journalists will make the story for you, which will incorporate a 350-word piece and two alters, and it will be distributed on CBS, Fox, NBC, and USA Today stations, as well as Google News, after you support it.
  • What’s more, you’ll get 200 news stories, an “As seen on” site Trust Badge, and a far-reaching report with live associations.

Pro Package:

Price: $259 per release

  • This bundle is the most ideal for business and eCommerce sites.
  • This bundle incorporates a group of expert essayists composing an article for you, which incorporates a 500-word piece and limitless changes, and after you acknowledge it, it will be distributed on CBS, Fox, NBC, and USA Today stations, as well as Google News.
  • Likewise, you’ll get 200 news stories, an “As seen on” site Trust Badge, and a thorough report with live associations.

BrandPush Advantages?


  • A solitary piece can cost many dollars, yet with BrandPush, you will not need to stress over that since you’ll have the option to exploit their current news contacts and information while as yet following through at an extremely minimal expense.
  • The help administration is exceptionally expert, and they are generally anxious to help you in getting your article distributed as fast as could really be expected.
  • BrandPush saves personal time, cash, and exertion in getting my article distributed promptly, but it requires 5-10 days for BrandPush to complete a request, exhibiting that no machine plays out everything.
  • BrandPush’s news destinations get more than 100 million month-to-month visits. Getting your image distributed on the BrandPush network is a tremendous method for expanding brand mindfulness, getting many significant position backlinks to your site to help SEO, and fabricating client certainty. You will in all likelihood increment income and further develop your web search tool positioning.


  • BrandPush isn’t a disconnected help; orders require 5-10 days to complete in light of the fact that your work is finished by people who are specialists in this subject, and they carve out the opportunity to look at all that to guarantee you get the best.
  • Terrible Press (anything pessimistic about an individual, site, or partnership) and Adult Content are two classifications that BrandPush doesn’t acknowledge (Anything that contains grown-up satisfaction, items, or administrations).
  • Inside the article, BrandPush incorporates no immediate member joins.

BrandPush vs. eReleases Comparison?

Starting price$195.00 /release.$299.00 /release.
Same-day distributionx
Distribution reports
Images1 image /250 words.2 images /release.
Links1 link /200 words.Unlimited.
Press release writing services

BrandPush vs. EIN Presswire Comparison?

OfferBrandPushEIN Presswire
Starting price$195.00 /release.$99.95 /release.
Same-day distributionx
Distribution reports
Images1 image /250 words.Up to 5 images /release.
Links1 link /200 words.Up to 3 links /releases.
Press release writing servicesx


What is BrandPush?

BrandPush is a brand & business passing distribution service.

How much does BrandPush cost?

BrandPush’s pricing starts at $195.00 per release.

BrandPush Review – YouTube?

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