Atezr PR 10W laser engraver combo comes with a big discount

If you are an avid and creative home hobbyist, then you have surely already thought about getting a laser engraver. Of course alongside 3D printers as well, but that’s a different story. Laser engraving machines have really come a long way even for the home users and are more affordable than ever before. And we have a case in point for that today. Because of the feature heavy Atezr P10 10W model in combo variant is on sale for a very appealing price. So it would be a shame to miss it. But first let’s take a closer look.

Atezr P10

The Atezr P10 10W brings to the table a pretty strong engraving effect with its laser, based on the most advanced spot compression technology. It can penetrate 100+ materials with ease and cut up to 15mm of wood or acrylic. The engraving itself is a fine precision one and with spot area of ​​0.08 x 0.06 mm and 529 DPI you can get to some pretty impressive results. And it’s also very thanks to the upgraded algorithm, reaching up to 24.800 mm/min. The engraving area is above the market level as well with 430 x 430 mm dimensions.

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The laser engraver machine can also handle metal color engraving of 20W products. Colored oxides are generated on the surface according to the amount of defocus, pulse frequency and other appropriate parameters, extending the color palette to over 340 colors. The machine frame is super stable with one piece body and the laser head doesn’t shake even during high speed operation. And it is also much safer, thanks to features like flame-retardant filter glass, limit switch or the emergency stop button. With the Atezr Laser application you can easily indulge in the remote creation of new art, before the actual engraving.

The combo variant of Atezr P10 10W comes with the external air assist and 360°rotating drum as the bonus accessories. And during the promo period up until March 31st you can get it for just $649.99, down from the original $849.99. In case you would prefer only the machine without accessories, then it’s up for grabs for $519.99, down from $659.99. And the last offering the combo version, but with a specail KE Compatibility Bundle. Costing $849.99 and discounted from $1,099.97. So which one will be your choice?

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