Amazing TrafficGuard Review 2022: Benefits, Pricing & Alternatives?

TrafficGuard Review 2022: If you run ads, this item is for you. I’m assured you’ve regularly visible your advertising account getting emptied, with no real sales. TrafficGuard can be an ability option for the problem in the 2022 era.

It claims it will discover spammy clicks and block them, on automation. Hey, I don’t consider claims, and also you shouldn’t either. So, let’s see TrafficGuard Review, and TrafficGuard Alternatives also till the end.


What is TrafficGuard in 2022?

Amazing TrafficGuard Review 2022
TrafficGuard Review

TrafficGuard is a cloud-based digital ad fraud protection solution, which helps digital advertisers, organizations, and notice networks with fraud prevention and moderation. It distinguishes, mitigates, and gives an account of computerized promotion fraud prevention before it raises a ruckus around the town spending plan.

TrafficGuard investigations impressions, snaps, transformations, and occasions to relieve promotion fraud prevention at its earliest dependable identification. Its proactive methodology keeps execution information clean and helps scale and streamline promotion with certainty. It screens traffic and gathers information, assisting managers with recognizing fraud prevention at the impression level.

Who is the Owner of TrafficGuard in 2022?

TrafficGuard Owner is Luke Taylor and Chief Operating Officer (Founder).

Where is TrafficGuard Headquarter Located?

The TrafficGuard Headquarters is located in different countries:

  • San Francisco – USA
  • Perth – Australia
  • Varaždin – Croatia
  • Singapore – Singapore
  • São Paulo – Brazil
  • London – UK

When was TrafficGuard Company Started?

On the Basis of information which is taken by TrafficGurad, the Social handle of this company is started in 2015.

TrafficGuard Features in 2022?

  • Account Alerts.
  • Activity Monitoring.
  • IP Address Monitoring.
  • IP Blocking.
  • Keyword Tracking.
  • Refund Management.
  • Risk Assessment.
  • Time on Site Tracking.

TrafficGuard Pricing in 2022?

TrafficGuard Alternatives in 2022?

Mainly there are top 5 TrafficGuard Alternatives in the 2022 Market:

TrafficGuard Integrations in 2022?

There are the Top 5+ TrafficGuard Integrations in the 2022 Market:

TrafficGuard vs AppsFlyer Comparison?

1. Starting from – $50/Per-Month

Pricing Model: Usage Based
* Free Trial
* Free Version
1. Not provided by the vendor
* Free Trial
* Free Version
2. It’s super easy to set up and pays for itself just by saving me from wasting my money on bots and ad fraud.2. Amazing attribution analytics that allows me to monitor and optimize campaigns and traffic sources in a proper way.
3. Google Ads. The support team is very helpful and quick.3. Really easy to set up and the findings are rich and presented in a clear manner on the dashboard.
TrafficGuard vs AppsFlyer

TrafficGuard Support Options?

  • Knowledge Base
  • Chat
  • 24/7 (Live rep)
  • Email/Help Desk
  • Phone Support
  • FAQs/Forum
  • Training options:
  • Live Online
  • Videos
  • Documentation
  • Webinars


Which Language TrafficGuard Support?

* German
* English
* French
* Portuguese
* Chinese (Simplified)

Does TrafficGuard offer a free trial?

Yes, definitely TrafficGuard offers a free trial.

TrafficGuard Review Tutorial – YouTube?

Credit/Source: DiscoverMyBusiness Channel

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