Dell Company Belongs to Which Country? Is Dell A Chinese Company?

Dell is an American Multinational technology company that develops, sells, repairs, and supports The products which are made & Supply by the parent company Dell technology.

But From many days, we have observed that many people have lots of questions regarding dell company. questions like, dell company belongs to which country? dell country of origin, dell made in which country & where are dell computers made and many of questions like that.

Dell Company Belongs to Which Country
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It was founded by Michell dell On February 1, 1984; in America. The headquarter of the dell company was situated in Round Rock, Texas. The dell company was firstly introduced by the name PC Limited which was founded by Michel Dell in the year 1984. who was a student at the University of Texas in Austin.

Dell Company Belongs To Which Country?

Dell company Belongs to Round rock texas, America

Dell is an American multinational technology company That develops and sells technology products and provides Services to their customers whenever they needed.

The dell company was firstly introduced by the name of PC limited in the year 1984 and after the year 1988, they have renamed The Dell.

Today’s dell company is one of the best technology companies in the world and it’s one of the top leading sellers of computers and PCs.

Is dell a Chinese company

No, dell is not a company in china That’s an American company. The dell company headquarters were situated into a Headquarters in Round Rock, Texas in America.

Many people think that dell is a Chinese company because Some of its parts are outsourced from china so people tell dell is Chinese. but that is not a Chinese company.

The dell company branch is also situated in china so their dell company product is manufactured so the people think that dell is a Chinese company.

Is dell products made in India?

Dell company has Its manufacturing units in India at Sriperambudur near Chennai. which reduces the desktops, laptops, and many other items for the local Indian or international markets. 

India has a high number of Users of computers and desktops and the country was in a developing period. here the new company was established to seek new opportunities, and many of the international brands are setting up their manufacturing unit to easily sells their product in India or to reduce manufacturing costs.

The Subsidiaries of the Dell companies like HP, DELL & Lenovo also manufacture their products in India.

Is Dell an international company?

Yes, dell is an international company which is From America and its headquarters are situated in Round rock texas. The Company is one of the best manufacturers of Technological products Like PCs, laptops and many things. The dell company is doing business on the international level.

Who is the owner and CEO of the dell company

The owner of the Dell company is Michael Dell. He founded this company on 1 February 1984. Michael Dell is the CEO of this company. Initially, the company was named PC’s Limited but then it was changed to Dell Computer Corporation.

What does the Dell company make?

All the users of Dell company think that this company makes head laptops but it is not so at all. This company makes a lot. Let’s know the Dell company and which products are made.

Serial NoThe list of products is made by the dell Company
6digital camera

Dell laptop made in which country?

Some people think that dell Products are made in India, China & America but they are wrong. As we have said above about the content Dell company is a multinational technology company. which has their manufacturing units in many countries and they make their products.

The dell company manufacturing Units are situated in the US and Other 10 countries. and they manufacture their products. so the dell company products are not only made in India, China, or America.

Dell Company History?

The dell company was Founded in the year 1984, by Michell dell at the time when they are studying At the University of Texas at Austin. The Dell company was first introduced with the name PC limited and After such a year it changed to Dell corporation.

The main aim of that company was to sell IBM-compatible computers built from stock components. Michell dell started trading with the belief of they will direct sell the computers to the customers. and as we know that PC Limited knows the needs of the customers and so they provide effective computing solutions to the customers.

As we know, Without identifying the needs no one is able to supply. And that is the reason behind Succeed of Dell Computers they understood the customers and then started manufacturing so they succeed…

📈 1990 – In the era of 1990 When the dell company is trying to sell its products Via Warehouse or retail stores then they had got small success so the company updated its sales model which we can know with the direct-to-consumer sales model and there should be measured in increased in sales.

📈 1992 – in 1992 The dell company come under the list of Fortune 500 companies which is one of the great achievements for Michel dell. and Michel dell became the CEO of Dell which came under the Top 500 Fortune company list.

📈1993 – To complement its direct sales channel, the company has to sell its product via popular retail outlets such as Walmart, and this decision of the company helped to increase its annual revenue by $125 million.

📈1994 – Kevin Rollins would join the dell company and They became the CEO & Company president.

📈 1995 – Dell corporations have expands their operations in Asia, Japan, and America. The company was influenced all over the countries.

📈 1996 – in that time the company started sales via E-Commerce at low margins.

📈 1998 – In 1997 dell expands its Operational units, Sales & support system at Ximen china and they are open to the land I’m many other countries.

📈 2004 – After such a year of hard work DELL INC become the top third Computer system provider for china.

📈 2006 – Under Rollins Dell purchased the computer hardware manufacturer Alienware

Interesting information about the Dell company?

  • The Dell Company was founded on 1 February 1984 by Michael Dell and is an American company.
  • Michael Dell, the founder of the Dell company, was born on 30 February 1965 in Texas. The company was named Dell after him.
  • The name of the Dell company was earlier PC’s Limited which was changed to Dell Computer Corporation.
  • Dell’s first computer was the Turbo PC, which was launched in 1985.
  • In 2014, Dell was ranked 51st in the Fortune 500 category.
  • Dell is the world’s largest computer technology infrastructure company.


Who is the CEO of Dell company?

Currently, the CEO of this company is Michael Dell.

Is Dell A Chinese Company?

No, Dell is an American company. Its headquarters are located in Round Rock, Texas, USA. Dell company was established in 1984. Let us tell you that Dell company makes many products related to technology and sells these products all over the world.

Today there are more than 165,000 people working in Dell company. In the year 2014, Dell company was included in the list of Fortune 500 companies.

Final Words:

So now you must have known that Dell Company Belongs To Which Country? Is Dell A Chinese Company? And who owns the Dell company? Dell is an American company. Its founder Michael Dell started the Dell company on 1 February 1984.

In that particular post, we have to know everything about Dell company. and I am sure that after reading that we are capable to learn many of the extra things.

Friends if you have learned anything then share that information with your friends and Become a business leader.

“How successful you are is really a function of how well you deal with failure…and how much you learn from it.”

Michael Dell
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