Bisleri Company Belongs To Which Country? When was Bisleri started? Who is the Owner of Bisleri?

Do you know Bisleri Company Belongs To Which Country, When was Bisleri started, Who is the Owner of Bisleri? So friends, today we are going to tell you who is the owner of Bisleri, and at the same time, you will know many more things about Bisleri Company.

When people start copying you, then understand that you have been successful. Just like the water bottle company Bisleri has been successful.

Bisleri Owner, if you are going to buy a bottle of Bisleri, then you have to keep your eyes open because the bottle in your hand can be Belsri, Bilseri, Brisley, or Bislaar instead of Bisleri. This is the reason why Bisleri has kept its tagline in this way.

“The Wise Knows That Not Every Water Bottle Is Bisleri”

You must have heard this tagline of Bisleri in TV commercials. By this, you must have understood that Bisleri is indeed India’s most trusted and number 1 mineral water brand. Next, we will tell you who is the owner of Bisleri and the success story of Bisleri’s floor to Arsh.

Bisleri Company Belongs To Which Country?

Bisleri is an Indian company, which was started in 1969.

Bisleri Company Belongs To Which Country? When was Bisleri started?  Who is the Owner of Bisleri

Who is the owner of Bisleri?

Bisleri is owned by Jayantilal Chauhan and Felice Bisleri, who started Bisleri in 1969 from Mumbai.

This water brand, which has a 60% share in the water bottle industry, is popular across the country today. People don’t go to the shop and say that to give water bottles, people ask for Bisleri only.

How did Bisleri get started?

The Bisleri water plant, which started from Thane in Mumbai, may be indigenous, but the name and company of Bisleri were completely foreign. Moreover, this company did not even sell water. It used to sell malaria medicine and an Italian businessman was the founder of the Bisleri company that sold this malaria medicine. You may also know about DMart Company Belongs To Which Country? Who is the CEO of DMart? How many DMart are there in India? What is the full form of DMart?

Whose name was Felice Bisleri? Felice Bisleri used to have a family doctor whose name was Doctor Rosij. Rosij was a doctor by profession but his mind was full of businessmen. He had the urge to do something different from the beginning. It was the year 1921 when Felice Bisleri, the owner of Bisleri, said goodbye to this world. The Bisleri company left behind got Dr. Rosij as the new owner.

In the 1970s, Ramesh Chauhan launched Bisleri (India) Limited’s two bottled water brands ‘Bubli’ and ‘Still’ as well as ‘Bisleri Soda’. During this time ‘Parle Group’ sold both soda and water under the name of Bisleri brand for many years. During this time the company also launched soft drinks which were sold in glass bottles, which had to be returned after drinking.

Bisleri launches mobile ordering app

After some time, Parle’s research team found that due to the lack of purity of water in public places like railway stations, bus stations, roadside dhabas, and other places in India, people buy and drink plain soda. After this Parle increased the number of its distributors for clean water to the people and Bisleri supplied clean water to all these places. The company made new changes in brand promotion and packing and Bisleri water started becoming quite popular in the market.

In 1961, the Parle group of four Chauhan brothers was also divided. One of the four brothers, Jayantilal Chauhan, came into the family group’s soft drink business. At this time Parle Group was also manufacturing soft drinks under the brand names Rimjhim, Kismat, and Parle Cola. Running this soft drink business was a big challenge because this was the period when the countrymen did not even have food for two times.

Out of Jayantilal’s three sons Madhukar, Ramesh, and Prakash, Ramesh Chauhan studied engineering and business management at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. As soon as he joined the ancestral business, Ramesh Chauhan decided that he should also launch soda with more variety in soft drinks. Incidentally, at that time the Italian company Bisleri Limited was selling mineral water in glass bottles to the affluent class in the country.

Is Bisleri a private company?

Bisleri International Private Limited is a Non-govt company, incorporated on 05 March 1984.

When was Bisleri started?

Started in 1969.

How did Bisleri reach the common man?

Bisleri Company entered the Indian market with Bisleri Water and Bisleri Soda. In the early days, both these products of Bisleri were limited only to the reach of the rich and were available only in 5-star hotels and expensive restaurants.

The company also knew that it would not be able to achieve success by keeping its products in a limited range, so the company gradually started taking its products to the common people. Even after reaching the reach of the common people, most of the people preferred to buy the soda of this company. This was the reason that Khushru Santuk did not find anything special in the water business. Now he started making up his mind to sell this brand.

Did Parle buy Bisleri?

The news of the sale of Bisleri company spread like wildfire in the Indian business world and thus the news reached the ‘Chouhan Brothers’, the masterminds of ‘Parle Company’.

Just 4 years after the start of the Bisleri water plant, that is, in 1969, Ramesh Chauhan bought Bisleri for Rs 4 lakh. After this, Bisleri became Parles with its 5 stores across the country. It was the 1970s when Ramesh Chauhan launched Bisleri Soda in the market with two brand new brands of Bisleri Sealed Water, Babli and Still.

Parle’s research team was constantly in search of how to make Bisleri accessible to the common people. No product is successful because of the choice of the people, rather it gets success because of the need of people, the research team of Parle also discovered one such need of people.

He found that the quality of drinking water is not good in many other public places like railway stations, bus stations, roadside dhabas across the country, due to which people compulsively buy plain soda and drink it.

Keeping this in mind, Parle increased the number of its distributors to provide clean water to the people. To increase the sales of the product, Parle resorted to brand promotion, made many changes in packing. After doing so much, Bisleri started gaining momentum in the water market.

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